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46 children discharged after suspected food poisoning in SW China

2013-05-30 10:04:32
A suspected food poisoning sickened 51 children Wednesday in a private kindergarten in Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou province.

China's Shuanghui International acquires world's largest pork processor

2013-05-30 09:54:12
China's Shuanghui International Holdings Limited announced Wednesday that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with the world's largest pork processor.

A German fan of Chinese medicine

2013-05-30 08:10:17
It took thousands of miles for Henriette Reker to experience the magic of traditional Chinese medicine, but she believes it was worth it.

Australian gov't vows to cater to China's rising food demand

2013-05-28 09:48:21
Australian government will invest 36 million Australian dollars to expand its food into the growing Asian market which is mainly pulled by China.

Singapore recalls food products from Taiwan on unapproved additive

2013-05-28 09:35:44
The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore announced Sunday that 11 starch-based products from Taiwan have been withdrawn from sale.

Food poisoning sickens students in NW China

2013-05-24 13:36:49
Dozens of students from multiple primary and middle schools in northwest China's Qinghai Province have been affected by food poisoning.

China cuts power prices in agricultural sector

2013-05-24 13:35:38
Electricity prices for all businesses in agricultural production and logistics will be cut from June 1.

More beef, pork boost risk of diabetes for males

2013-05-24 09:22:52
A group of Japanese researchers said in a report that men who eat large amount of beef or pork may face a higher risk of developing diabetes.

China's pork price rebounds after government boost

2013-05-23 10:05:47
China's price of pigs has bounced back following the government's subsidized initiatives.

Mills investigated over tainted rice

2013-05-22 10:31:53
Three rice mills in central China's Hunan Province are being investigated after rice they produced was found to be contaminated with cadmium last week.

Improved teaching aids TCM understanding

2013-05-22 09:57:59
Maximin Gaillard, a French student obsessed with traditional Chinese medicine, used to feel completely lost in class.

Shanghai to allow chicken again

2013-05-22 07:49:24
With no new confirmed cases of the H7N9 virus on the Chinese mainland for more than a week, Shanghai is planning to allow cold-processed poultry meat onto the market by the end of May.

Festa Della Mamma

2013-05-21 14:55:46
L'altro celebrates Mother's Day with a "Festa Della Mamma" menu.

Artisan cheese

2013-05-21 14:52:15
For cheese lovers, the cheese trolley at Caprice in the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is like a small piece of heaven.

Mouton Cadet wine

2013-05-21 14:44:19
Grape nuts in China may get to enjoy the same Bordeaux wines savored by Hollywood celebrities at the annual Cannes International Film Festival.

Fragrance from Yi Long

2013-05-21 14:40:59
The Cantonese restaurant Yi Long Court, of the Peninsual Shanghai, is introducing a fragrance bird-free menu for this epidemic spring.

China's food sector to boom despite slower economic growth

2013-05-21 14:07:27
China's food industry will continue to experience steady and healthy growth in the coming years against the backdrop of a sluggish economy.

Low carbohydrate diets may harm your health

2013-05-21 14:00:42
More research is needed on the long term effects of low carbohydrate diets.

Taiwan dumpling eatery tops 101 Best Asian Restaurants poll

2013-05-20 15:53:29
A eatery in Taiwan famed for its dumplings was crowned Asia's best restaurant.

Food safety becomes consumer priority

2013-05-17 16:19:16
Food safety has become a top concern for consumers when they buy food or dine in restaurants, according to a survey released on May 16.