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Get it while it's hot

2013-07-16 10:05:24
Tao Ran Ju, a Sichuan-style restaurant established 18 years ago in Chongqing, celebrates its 10th year in Beijing with a special discount.

Chicken feet scandal scares public

2013-07-11 10:37:07
A food scandal involving chicken feet has led to public concern in China after it emerged products had been stored in a freezer for nearly half a century.

Possible food poisoning sickens 21 students in NW China

2013-07-10 10:58:56
Twenty-one primary students become sick after eating at a school cafeteria in northwest China's Shaanxi province.

List of top ten Chinese noodles released

2013-07-09 13:30:19
The first Culture of Chinese Noodles Festival has released its list of the top ten most popular Chinese noodles.

Small bites

2013-07-06 07:13:14
You don't need to spend a lot for a Peking roast duck feast.

Small bites

2013-07-06 07:13:14
Out for a duck

Toward a cleaner, greener eating habit

2013-07-05 07:04:18
I thought I was witnessing an important social phenomenon that would have a huge impact on the eating habits of Chinese in the decades to come.

Ensuring milk quality

2013-07-05 07:04:18
The quality of domestic products holds the key to the healthy development of the market in the long run.

Patchwork solutions for winter ills in summer

2013-06-26 03:08:13
Summer heat is not always bad — at least in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Taiwan Food Festival

2013-07-04 09:23:03
Dishes from around the globe have been served up at a food show in Taipei.

Worried parents drive imported milk sales

2013-07-04 09:10:36
The first thing customers see as they enter the basement of the Wal-Mart Qinghe store in Beijing is a mountain of imported milk cartons.

Time to rethink taste for freshly killed poultry

2013-07-03 09:36:34
Chicken lovers are clucking with a collective sigh of relief these days, after Shanghai formally ended its two-month ban on live poultry sales in dozens of wet markets.

China's farm produce prices retreat slightly

2013-07-03 09:29:57
The prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities slightly retreated for a second straight week due to rising supplies.

Theme restaurants popular in Japan

2013-07-03 09:07:44
Like theme parks, these restaurants allow diners to be part of a movie, get locked up, get attacked by a Ninja or live any other fantasy world.

China blocks 137 substandard food shipments in May

2013-06-28 10:35:44
Chinese quarantine inspectors stopped 137 shipments of substandard imported food in May.

Sources of water drying up

2013-06-28 08:05:58
In addition to pollution, experts say the most pressing problem with groundwater is that levels continue to fall because of overexploitation.

Confusion at the heart of the problem

2013-06-28 08:05:58
Experts say the management of groundwater quality lacks coordination, because four ministries are involved, each with overlapping responsibilities but insufficient resources.

150 students suffer food poisoning in C China

2013-06-27 10:17:00
Food poisoning affected over 150 students at a middle school in central China's Hunan province on Tuesday.

Bianyifang serves up new restaurants

2013-06-27 09:09:57
The Bianyifang Group opened five new restaurants as it marked its 11th anniversary.

China to ban 13 kinds of chemical-laden health food

2013-06-25 10:40:50
China's food and drug watchdog on Friday announced that 13 types of health food will be banned.