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China's farm produce prices drop slightly

2013-11-13 10:48:15
The prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities dropped slightly in the week ending Nov.10 compared with the previous week.

China boosts agriculture innovation to ensure food security

2013-11-12 11:25:37
Xu Jingyu had been growing corn and wheat for a dozen years, but never imagined his saline-alkali soils could produce 500 kilograms of grain per mu.

Harvesting saffron in Indian-controlled Kashmir

2013-11-11 14:45:52
A Kashmiri villager picks saffron flowers in a saffron field in Pampore, 25 kilometres south of Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Chopsticks and Beyond thank you dinner

2013-11-11 10:58:25
It's been half a year since the first official Chopsticks and Beyond show back in June this year.

A hair's breadth from utopia

2013-11-10 08:00:25
I was still trying to resolve my feelings about the three hairy crabs I'd eaten for lunch - ridiculously rich and sumptuous.

Qingdao Autumn Tea Fair kicks off

2013-11-07 10:56:28
The second China (Qingdao) International Tea Fair kicked off on October 30.

Wahaha goes against the grain with liquor venture

2013-11-06 13:28:28
Beverage tycoon Zong Qinghou plans to diversify his beverage empire by collaborating with liquor producers in the hometown of famous liquor brand, Moutai.

Creative bakery opens in Beijing

2013-11-07 10:22:50
Riding the crest of that wave, an interesting bakery has recently opened its doors here in Beijing.

Depressed cake shop pop-up in UK

2013-11-07 09:56:49
Misfortune cookies, black dog macaroons, and grey cloud cupcakes. Not the most uplifting sounding things.

Chinese fast food firms challenging McDonald's

2013-10-29 11:28:07
Chinese fast food firms is cooking up a challenge to McDonald's Corp and Yum Brands Inc, tempting cost-conscious diners with healthy, homegrown fare.

China's vegetable prices to rise

2013-11-04 11:00:07
Vegetable prices in China are expected to rise in the coming months, putting pressure on the country's consumer inflation.

Promoting baby formula prohibited in hospitals

2013-11-04 10:12:00
Hospitals are banned from accepting gifts, sponsorship or kickbacks from baby formula companies, authorities said on Tuesday.

New Zealand, China strengthen food safety cooperation

2013-11-01 14:18:43
The food safety regulatory agencies of China and New Zealand on Friday signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation in food safety and quality.

A different kind of sweet

2013-11-01 07:40:03
As Fan Tianhuan offers his guests a round of light amber tea, he proudly explains that the infusion is made from the best quality Arhat fruit, or luohan guo, and as the guests take in the sweet scent of the tea, he tells them how he started growing it 37 years ago.

Zhang Dan and his “Yangjenma” bar

2013-10-30 10:59:02
Born in 1980s in Gansu province, Zhang Dan is a Japanese major graduated from one foreign language college in Beijing.

Over 3,000 medicinal herbs surveyed in Tibet

2013-10-30 09:54:24
Over 3,000 species of medicinal plants have been studied during the on-going herb resource survey in Tibet.

Imported GM soybeans flood Chinese market

2013-10-29 11:33:11
Soybeans. It is not just vegetarians who eat them. The humble legumes are used to make tofu, cooking oil and animal feed.

Artist makes 3D works out of coffee froth

2013-10-29 09:42:40
When it coms to drinking your cup of cappuccino, you have surely come across heart shaped foam or some other pattern atop the coffee cup.

Traditional wine made from 'chicken-claw grain'

2013-10-28 15:30:50
Medog, a county in the southeast of the Tibet autonomous region, was the last without road-links in China.

China, a very attractive market for Spanish cava

2013-10-28 15:05:53
The large size of the Chinese market and its rapid growth is very attractive to the cava industry.