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Chinese cuisine and the shift forwards

2013-04-17 16:12:40
Food is one edge of culture that can push forwards pretty fast. And the urban centers are where Chinese food is covering uncharted territory.

High-end dining sector fizzles amid frugality campaign

2013-04-17 11:22:34
The Chinese government's frugality campaign has turned up the heat on China's catering industry.

Bottled water scandal highlights food safety challenges

2013-04-17 11:02:37
Bottled water producer Nongfu Spring Co. has found itself in trouble.

Beijing to host food & beverage expo

2013-04-16 15:38:09
The 8th China (Beijing) International Catering & Food and Beverage Expo will be held in Beijing from May 9 to 11 at the Beijing Exhibition Center.

Beijing hosts TCM program

2013-04-16 07:58:14
Despite H7N9 human infections, some 17 health officials from 14 Asian countries have traveled to Beijing to attend a 10-day traditional Chinese medicine training program.

China-sponsored agricultural project popular in Mongolia

2013-04-16 10:56:15
An agriculture cooperation project sponsored by China has proved popular in Mongolia.

Dining giants look to transform amid frugality campaign

2013-04-16 10:32:09
Beijing Xiangeqing Co. Ltd. will restructure its business by refocusing its customer base after being hit hard by the government's frugality campaign.

China Focus: Chinese parents purchase foreign milk powder amid confidence crisis

2013-04-15 14:48:10
Xu Shi said she is worried about feeding her child properly, as an online purchasing agent has failed to supply the foreign baby formula she ordered a month ago.

Rio's street food captivates visitors

2013-04-12 14:20:09
From classic Brazilian dish feijoada to bite-size salgadinhos, Brazil's Rio de Janeiro offers a varied cuisine that captivates visitors.

Six jailed for producing, selling "gutter oil"

2013-04-12 10:52:20
Six people have received jail terms for up to five years for manufacturing and selling "gutter oil" in east China's Jiangxi province.

Egg white may help lower blood pressure

2013-04-12 10:30:52
Scientists offered new evidence Tuesday that a component of egg whites may have another beneficial effect in reducing blood pressure.

New Zealand standards firm mulls food safety center with Chinese food giants

2013-04-12 10:19:02
The New Zealand government's quality testing company is working with two Chinese food giants.

Guilin chefs challenged at food festival in Beijing

2013-04-11 14:14:05
Two chefs from Guilin face a dilemma in Beijing — to be authentic or acceptable?

Super rice keeps China's supply self-sufficient

2013-04-11 07:58:34
New super rice strains with an expected yield of 14.9 metric tons per hectare will help China maintain its largely self-sufficient supply of rice.

Eating less but more frequently to lose weight

2013-04-10 08:02:05
Shrinking the size of kids' plates and bowls and encouraging them to eat more frequently throughout the day may help them eat less and keep off extra weight, new research suggests.

Dining giants transform amid frugality campaign

2013-04-09 15:59:23
Beijing Xiangeqing Co. Ltd., a renowned Chinese restaurant company, will restructure its business by refocusing its customer base after being hit hard by the government's frugality campaign.

Appetite for upscale dining weakens

2013-03-20 07:30:51
Sales at China's high-end restaurants slumped in the first two months of the year, reflecting the sluggish state of the catering industry since the start of the nationwide crackdown on waste and extravagance in December.

Chicken safe to eat if cooked properly

2013-04-09 07:44:37
All poultry bought at established markets, and properly cooked, is safe to eat, Yu Kangzhen, chief veterinarian at the Ministry of Agriculture, said on Monday.

Spring at Yi House

2013-04-02 09:19:24
Eating at Yi House at Grace Beijing in the 798 Art District is always an escape from the hustle of tail to tail traffic and the smoggy cityscape.

Bespoke bakery cakes

2013-04-02 09:17:14
Ms B's Cakery welcomes spring with a selection that will dazzle the eyes and tantalize the sweet tooth.