China needs proper planning

2011-04-07 08:00:20

It is pointless to say anything as long as China is still undergoing developmental changes.

Western democracy not for all

2011-04-06 08:03:14

I congratulate Mo Nong for writing such a straightforward article on the biased Western media. It is rather unfortunate that people in the West generally have little understanding of China and the rest of Asia.

The value of scarcity

2011-03-31 07:53:48

Giving all students more ready access to a university course is a good idea. Irrespective of students' circumstances, all of them with university-level brainpower should have equal access to higher education.

A different view on education

2011-03-30 07:42:38

As a student who has been part of China's education system for 18 years, I see the system differently.

Creating a charity road

2011-03-29 07:55:25

I think Zhang Monan has hit the nail on the head. A lot of charity organizations are trying to do the same job without the experience or knowledge of how to go about their work.

Rethink use of nuclear energy

2011-03-28 08:01:12

I wish the Japanese people a speedy recovery from the grave disaster that has befallen them. It is sad to see nature venting its wrath on Japan.

Western action appalling

2011-03-25 09:06:47

I am appalled at the military intervention in Libya by the United States and its European allies after a UN vote allowed them to establish a "no-fly" zone over the North African country.

Narrow wealth gap actively

2011-03-24 07:58:05

Wealth gap is a problem that every country has to solve to maintain social stability.

Tale of devastation and hope

2011-03-23 08:01:17

From what I have gathered, survivors have been sharing supplies. Many people in the disaster-struck areas have to depend on food and essential supplies delivered by trucks to the shelters.

View radiation in perspective

2011-03-22 07:56:19

It always pays to check and recheck something to safeguard against accidents, especially if it concerns so many people. But perhaps we are overreacting to the radiation scare in Japan.

Company should be punished

2011-03-22 07:56:19

I think that only an apology from Shuanghui company is not enough to set things right. This is a very serious food safety issue and the company should be punished.

Tales of resilience

2011-03-21 09:01:49

It was good to know that the Chinese authorities have promised to provide aid to Japan and a Chinese team is already helping the quake and tsunami victims.