Think a second time before criticism

2011-06-03 10:56:31

She was probably emulating the Western critiques but as an Asian she should be sensitive to her style of writing as it may result in Sino-Indo commenter’s bashing each other.

Happy birthday, dear paper

2011-06-03 08:01:25

I appreciate what China Daily has been doing for three decades, and I wish it a happy birthday on its 30th anniversary.

Water supply crucial to future

2011-06-02 09:32:36

Given the fast pace of urbanization in China, water supply will be crucial to social construction.

Expensive healthcare system should be questioned

2011-06-01 16:04:01

Instead of shifting high medical cost to the welfare system, the Chinese government should hold an inquest into the reasons behind the high cost.

A true artist and a singer

2011-06-01 08:15:11

Zhu Zhiwen, now known as "China's real farmer singer", won overnight fame after auditioning on the Chinese talent show, I'm a Big Star. I was deeply moved by his voice as well as his spirit.

The ploy that the West uses

2011-05-31 07:27:03

Some Western countries have been trying to contain China for decades.

End of new order, not history

2011-05-27 07:29:09

The end of this new world order - and restoration of the US' promises - will determine not only the future of the US, but that of the world as well.

Onus on govt to make food safe

2011-05-26 07:59:26

It's high time that the authorities took effective measures to curb such malpractices and restore public confidence in the administration.

Train passengers' woes

2011-05-25 08:05:16

But this policy will only create trouble for passengers. It will be an unnecessary waste of time for passengers buying tickets and/or boarding trains.

Driving is a privilege, not a right

2011-05-24 07:58:02

At this stage of China's development, one needs to be especially strict with people who break road and traffic rules, even if the strictness is aimed at establishing a "tradition" which will make driving vehicles a serious business.

How to make food safe

2011-05-23 08:00:07

It's high time that the government paid more attention to food safety and rebuilt the public's confidence in the authorities. 

One should bear responsibility for own deed

2011-05-20 16:47:10

The root cause of drunk driving and resulting accidents is a lack of concern, care and responsibility. No plea can be entertained. The only deterrent is severe punishment.