Don't expect surprises at S&ED

2011-05-10 07:54:56

Expectations for this meeting are muted-perhaps a good sign as it shows a maturing in the US - China relationship.

Exam points to a problem

2011-05-06 07:19:19

Fewer students will take the national college entrance examination this year than the past several years.

Judgments without bias or stereotypes

2011-05-05 17:29:05

In short: it is not because the US has done wrong in the past that they are wrong all the time.

For quality TV programs

2011-05-05 10:16:53

TV program producers may record and review the history of China to tell viewers what really happened.

The devil is in the details

2011-05-05 07:54:45

Given that China has a huge population and territory. So there are many details that should be focused on and handled well.

Hail the anti-tobacco regulation

2011-05-04 07:58:58

The tobacco control regulation promulgated by the Ministry of Health recently is welcome news.

Prevent food scandals

2011-05-03 07:58:38

Clenbuterol-contaminated pork, harmful chemicals in steamed buns reflect the length that some food producers can go to in pursuit of profit.

Special website a welcome move

2011-04-29 09:28:32

The website dedicated for the physically challenged is a big step the country has taken in a much-needed direction.

Human rights lecture not needed

2011-04-29 07:56:10

Human rights lecture not needed

Use Mandarin as soft power

2011-04-28 09:08:19

China has made great efforts to export its culture to the outside world to boost its soft power as well as revamp its international image.

How to tackle labor shortage

2011-04-26 08:00:13

Some industries have been facing labor shortage. This problem could worsen and hamper the country's economic growth.

What about private firms' workers

2011-04-25 07:59:04

Of course government officials and staff members will have their salaries doubled if the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security says so.