Boost new industries

2011-02-17 09:35:13

There should be a proper national policy, such as tax exemptions for pioneer industries and businesses for a certain period as incentives to start new high tech industries.

Water conservancy mindset

2011-02-17 09:34:07

The 2011 No 1 Document intensively addressed water conservation. It is a marvelous business for the nation. And it is very timely because our country always seems to suffer from extreme drought in spring and floods in the summer and autumn.

An example of charity

2011-02-16 07:55:45

It was nice to read about a man who has helped his fellow human beings despite not having enough money.

Food for thought

2011-02-15 07:55:18

It is good to read that the Chinese government is realizing the importance of nutrition in the lives of developing children.

Give children their childhood

2011-02-14 07:46:59

To "foster smart, creative, and physically and mentally healthy children", Chinese parents should combine Western-style parenting with the traditional Chinese way.

China and India should share strength

2011-02-11 07:40:50

The core area of the two nations' focus should be mutual trust and understanding - and they should not be swayed by other countries' opinions.

Laudable act of altruism

2011-02-10 07:48:15

I applaud Chu Shuqing for thinking outside the box and having true compassion for the homeless. But homeless people do not want or need our pity. Like every other human, they desire respect.

Channel students' innovativeness

2011-02-09 08:11:30

One of the most common complaints of foreign teachers in China is: Chinese students are generally passive and quiet; they are reluctant to answer questions when called upon to do so in the classroom.

Help people go home

2011-02-09 08:11:30

I have two suggestions to ease this long-existing problem in a practical and efficient way.

Pay attention to workers

2011-02-01 07:56:46

I greatly admire the work ethics of Chinese people and their ability to make things happen. What I doubt, however, is whether this kind of growth is sustainable.

A report that is spot-on

2011-02-01 07:56:46

If people in all countries take more time to learn about the other then they can better understand each other, build more dialogue and ultimately establish better relations.

Celebrations signify good faith

2011-01-31 07:53:39

Spring Festival is being celebrated by an increasing number of people both within and outside China.