Shock for HIV/AIDS patients

2011-05-20 08:01:47

What will happen to HIV/AIDS patients if hospitals, clinics and doctors start discriminating against them?

Some suggestions for tax reform

2011-05-19 07:56:46

Tax reform should be based on a principle that ensures all necessary living costs are free of taxation.

China has to improve a lot

2011-05-18 07:46:55

It is inevitable that China's economy will overtake the United States'. To begin with, China's population is four times that of the US.

No intervention is real human right

2011-05-17 17:41:00

The right for people to decide what happens in their countries without foreign interference is real human right.

Bumpy road ahead of China

2011-05-17 07:57:56

Many Chinese assume two things. China will become one of the leading countries in the world and that will happen soon.

Time for seniors' introspection

2011-05-16 08:03:19

Trying to control students' overall development and make them focus on exams and thus success is not the best form of education.

Govt has to help farmers

2011-05-13 07:58:03

I hope the government establishes a distribution system for farmers in China which includes several important parts, such as logistics, marketing and purchasing unions.

It takes a village to raise a child

2011-05-12 17:26:59

While I agree with the sentiment of the article, I have to say that trying to control students' development more might not be the best answer.

Appeal for frugal use of energy

2011-05-12 07:59:54

With summer round the corner, it is imperative for the government to deal with the power supply issue. About 70 percent of China's power is generated from coal.

Lack of proper planning

2011-05-11 07:55:33

Since the government is doing its best to ensure that economic growth does not slow down, more electrical appliances are being sold in the market.

War is like a game of chess

2011-05-10 16:25:36

My view is Gadhafi has strong civilian supporters who believe Gadhafi will be safe staying with the masses. It is not about bravery or cowardice. It is about survival in order to win the chess game.

Time to get tough on food fraud

2011-05-10 16:25:36

This is the sad state of affairs; no wonder many continue to break the food laws, knowing full well they are not likely to be caught.