Eat the 'flesh' of 'Monk Xuanzang' at this shop

Updated: 2015-07-20 14:25


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Eat the 'flesh' of 'Monk <EM>Xuanzang</EM>' at this shop

Song ChuanZhong draws pictures in the cave. [Photo/CFP]

An artist's cave studio

A farmer in Yuqing county, Guizhou province, has been painting in a cave for almost 30 years, cfp reported on Sunday.

The 67-year-old Song Chuanzhong, said he tried to find inspiration for his pictures, and has spent a lot of time and energy painting them in his cave.

Song enjoys depicting landscapes, local customs and historical figures.

According to the locals in the county, Song is a quiet self-effacing person and is always generous to people who ask for his paintings. As a result, his paintings have become quite widely known, with some even been resold to the coastal cities and Hong Kong.

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