China hands suspect over to ROK

Updated: 2013-06-21 00:54


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BEIJING - A criminal suspect from the Republic of Korea (ROK), who allegedly operated an illegal gambling website, has been handed over to ROK authorities in Beijing after being apprehended by police in China.

The suspect allegedly operated an illegal gambling website in ROK from May to November in 2010. The suspect is also accused of attacking business rivals through computer hacking, according to China's Ministry of Public Security.

The individual, a suspected mafia organization member, has been punished for crimes on 13 occasions in ROK, according to the ministry.

The suspect was apprehended by Chinese police when he tried to sneak into the country at Nantong port in eastern China's Jiangsu province in February.

Chinese police decided to transfer the suspect after confirming the person's identity,the ministry said.

The capture and transfer highlights success by both sides in cracking down on transnational crimes, the ministry said, adding that China will intensify cooperation with ROK law enforcers.