120 celebrities reportedly on police anti-drug list

Updated: 2014-08-22 06:31


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120 celebrities reportedly on police anti-drug list

Clockwise from top: Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan, Taiwan actor Kai Ko, actor Gao Hu, actor Zhang Mo, director Zhang Yuan, singer Li Daimo and scriptwriter Ning Caishen.

It's reported that Beijing police have obtained a list containing 120 celebrities suspected of drug abuse including the recently-detained Jaycee Chan, son of super Kongfu star Jackie Chan.

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The website Sina.com reports Jaycee's arrest is the start of a police campaign against the 120 big names based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland.

According to Taihainet.com, a website run by Fujian Daily, Jaycee has disclosed to police information about drug abuse in the entertainment circle, in a bid for a lighter penalty.

Meanwhile, the report said three more entertainers have been targetted by police, including an actor identified as C - the first letter of his surname - who is on good terms with Jaycee and popular both in Taiwan and the mainland.

The other two were a male singer and a heartthrob actor respectively identified as C and H.

As conjectures spread on Thursday afternoon, the agent of Taiwan actor Chen Bo-Lin, who has been widely suspected by netizens to have been involved in the scandal given his close relationship with Jaycee and his surname that starts with "C", announced Chen would cooperate for related investigation to prove his innocence.

The announcement was made after Chen's commercial activity in Hefei was cancelled.

Jaycee Chan was caught on August 14 taking marijuana with Taiwan actor Kai Ko in a bathing parlor in Beijing.

Police later seized more than 110g of marijuana in his luxury apartment located in the downtown area of the city.

An earlier report from China Central Television said Jaycee began taking marijuana eight years ago, while Ko touched the drug for the first time about two years ago in Jaycee's apartment in Beijing.

Jaycee has been put in criminal detention for aiding and abetting other drug users, and may face a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Ko, currently under the lighter administrative detention for taking drugs, will be released on August 27.

Jackie Chan apologized on Wednesday for his son's misconducts.

 120 celebrities reportedly on police anti-drug list 120 celebrities reportedly on police anti-drug list 

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