Full transcript of policy briefing of the State Council on Feb 27, 2015

Updated: 2015-02-27 21:43


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Full transcript of policy briefing of the State Council on Feb 27, 2015

The State Council held its weekly policy briefing on Feb 27, focusing on streamlining administration, handling relations between the government and the market and the latest executive meeting. [Photo by Wang Zhuangfei/China Daily]

Hu Kaihong (host):

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Happy new year and welcome to the State Council policy briefing. Today’s briefing has two parts, first we will have the head of the State Council Office of the Government Examination and Approval System Reform Wu Zhilun, Xie Xuezhi, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation and Liu Yuting, deputy head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to brief us on further streamlining administration and delegating power to lower levels, as well as handling relations between the government and the market. They will take questions.

For the second part, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Finance Shi Yaobin and Deputy Director Xie Xuezhi will brief us about the State Council Executive Meeting held on Feb 25, which focused on cutting taxes and fees, supporting development of small and micro-businesses as well as innovation. They will also take questions. Now we give the floor to Mr Wu.

Wu Zhilun:

Good morning, everyone. You’re welcome to use the materials I provided as reference. I would like to point out one more thing. In early 2013, administrative reviews and approvals were required from State Council departments concerning 1,700 items. The office has carried out checks and validations by removing internal management procedures, repetitions, and adding those which actually required review and approval but were not included earlier, to form a final list of 1,526 items currently under the review and approval of State Council departments. I am open for questions now.

Hu Kaihong:

Now let’s give the floor to Mr Xie.

Xie Xuezhi:

We have also offered some background information materials to you. I will just sum up the work we have done in five respects. First, streamlining approval procedures. We have released all the 87 tax administrative approval items, building a foundation for further work and establishing better management. Second, we have formulated plans, under the State Council Office of the Administrative Review and Approval Reform, to streamline non-administration approvals. Third, reducing the approvals. In 2014, we canceled 45 tax administration approvals, which account for over 50 percent of the total 87. Fourth, to enhance post-management work. Canceling approval procedures does not mean no management at all but a way to adjust and improve the process. Fifth, to offer guidance to the tax authorities at all levels. In 2015, we will step up efforts and continue to push forward the reform on the administrative approval system.

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