Dunhuang drama

Updated: 2012-06-08 13:17

(China Daily)

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Dunhuang drama 

A dance drama featuring folk dance from western China is going to stir the hearts of people in Guangzhou with its version of the Romeo and Juliet story. Dunhuang My Dreamland, a classic produced by Lanzhou Opera House in 2000, will play in the Guangdong capital from June 16-17.

Mogao, a young painter, and Yueya, a princess, are the tragic lovers in this rendition of the story. But the princess' father goes against their relationship. The characters are named after Mogao Caves and Yueya Spring, two scenic spots in Dunhuang of Gansu province.

These places also tie back into the story, because in the dance's gloomy ending, the princess sacrifices her life for the painter and becomes the Yueya Spring. Mogao, the painter, creates the wall paintings in Mogao Caves with the spring's water as the ink.

Dancers express the emotions strongly with bold and unconstrained folk dancing from western China as well as through ballet and modern dance. Audiences will also see lifelike stage settings which present scenic spots in Dunhuang including Yueya Spring, Mogao Caves and the wall paintings in the cave.

The chief director of the dance drama is Chen Weiya, who also helmed the opening and closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games. Zhang Qianyi, a famous Chinese musician, is the composer. The troupe has traveled overseas to the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain and Australia to present their rendition of Shakespeare's play. Worldwide, it has been performed more than 920 times.

8 pm, June 16 and 17. Opera Hall of Guangzhou Opera House, Exit B1 of Zhujiang New Town subway station, the interchange of subway lines 3 and line 5, Guangzhou. 020-3839-2888.


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