Sharing their wealth: Chinese celebrities and charity

Updated: 2016-02-01 10:36


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Sharing their wealth: Chinese celebrities and charity

A ranking list of Chinese celebrities doing charity work in the past year. [Photo/China Philanthropist magazine]

Chinese celebrities, with their overwhelming influence, fame and money, are becoming important pillars in the field of charity. Aside from doing a charity relay at the annual Bazaar Charity Night, many of them are contributing to society in their own way.

Last Friday, China Philanthropist magazine issued a ranking list, in which Chinese celebrities, including film stars, artists, athletes, TV anchors and writers were evaluated for the charity work they have done in the past year. Their work was assessed based on how they contributed: donation (10 percent), fund raising (15 percent), charity activities (40 percent) and charity influence (35 percent).

The fact that the report gave more credit to charity activities and charity influences other than the traditional donation alone in ranking shows that personal involvement in charity work seems more important – as it results in a certain social morality that encourages charity on the whole.

According to the list, the top 10 celebrities in charity work are: Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy couple (83), Jackie Chan (81), Fan Bingbing (80), Cui Yongyuan (79), Zhao Wei (78), Yang Lan (78), Han Hong (77), Yao Ming (75), Wang Han (72), Yuan Li (71), and Jiang Yiyan (71, parallel to Yuan Li). Now, let's look at what celebrities at top 10 of the list have done to pass their kindness on to society.

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