University students awarded C-100 scholarships

Updated: 2014-12-17 00:15

By ZHENG XIN in Beijing(China Daily USA)

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University students awarded C-100 scholarships

From left: An LSP candidate; Tang Wensheng, Mao's then interpreter; Nicholas Platt, former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Philippines and Zambia; and Jeremy Wu, DC Region Co-Chair, attend the event on Tuesday night in Beijing. Zheng Xin / China Daily

Graduate and doctoral students from 14 Chinese universities were awarded Committee of 100 Leadership Scholarships on Tuesday in recognition of their leadership and public-service achievements.

In an awards ceremony at the Beijing Marriot Hotel Northeast, 28 graduate and doctoral students were given the scholarships.

In collaboration with 14 leading universities in China, including Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, Jilin and Nankai, C-100 has been honoring one to two outstanding graduates from each school with an annual scholarship.

C-100, based in New York City, describes itself as "a nonpartisan organization focused on addressing issues important to the Chinese-American community and furthering US-China relations". It has been honoring one to two outstanding graduates from each of the 14 schools with an annual scholarship.

Nominees write an essay on China-U.S. bilateral relations and their views of public service. A panel of C-100 members reviews their applications and selects the top candidates.

According to Richard Lee, co-chair of the 2014 Committee of 100 Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP), who is also chairman and president of Amsino Medical Group, the program plays an important role in serving C-100's dual mission.

"Not only do LSP students honor their leadership skills under the guidance of fellow C-100 members and other industry professionals at the forefronts of their respective fields, but they learn to utilize their positions as emerging leaders to promote prosperous relations between the Untied States and China," he said.

According to Clarence Kwan, chairman of the Committee of 100, who is also the senior partner of Sino-Century China PE Partners and a board member of East West Bank, as many as 284 students have been awarded the scholarship.

"The C-100 leadership award has become one of the most sought-after accolades by each graduating class," said Kwan. "Some of the earlier recipients have attained leadership positions home and abroad, and this has become an integral part of building C-100's presence in China."

According to Kwan, unlike other scholarships, the LSP puts more emphasis on the comprehensive capacities of students.

Carter Tseng, founder and CEO of Little Dragon Foundation, echoed his comments.

"The scholarship proves to be great support for the students from China, showing the young students a sign for future development," he said. "Some one-third of the students granted the scholarship have found a job overseas, one-third are employed in China and one-third continue pursuing their studies."

The scholarship has proved very significant in students' future job hunting, with many of our candidates witnessing rapid promotion home and abroad, with their comprehensive insights and integrative capabilities, he said.

The scholarship also proves of great significance in fostering a better Sino-U.S. relationship and coming up with a more tolerant society in the US, said Kwan.

These LSP students hold the key to the future of U.S.-China relations, and by encouraging the development and refinement of their leadership skills, C-100 empowers these individuals to play an active role in fostering mutual understanding between two countries engaged in what may be the world's most important bilateral relationship for generations to come, said Kwan.

C-100 members have been actively volunteering and supporting emerging leaders through mentoring programs in the US and Greater China, and the LSP program, now in its 10th year, continues to build an eco system of the next generation of US–China bridge builders by selecting candidates who demonstrate exceptional leadership, community service and academic excellence, he said.

To highlight the importance of people to people exchanges, this year's LSP event featured a mentoring session designed for the students to directly interact with C-100 members and other community leaders.

The session enabled participants to learn from members of our distinguished community of Chinese American leaders regarding their expertise and experience, said Howard Li, chairman of Waitex International.

Distinguished guests from various fields attended the awards dinner, including Nicholas Platt, president emeritus of the Asia Society, and Wang Dazong, chairman of Ophoenix Capital Management.

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