Strange but true: Three times a lady

Updated: 2015-04-10 10:13


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Couple celebrates platinum wedding with love letters

Strange but true: Three times a lady

Joan, 90, and Geoff Poulter, 94, celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in Elland, West Yorkshire, England. [Photo/CFP]

A couple in England are celebrating 70 years of Marchriage - sparked by a dropped photo and kept alive during World War II with a staggering 1,400 love letters.

Devoted Joan and Geoff Poulter were brought together by a black and white photo Joan dropped at a dance in 1940 when she was just 16 and Geoff was 20. He then served with the Royal Air Force and survived more than 400 flights over dangerous territories including the D-Day beaches and Japan. They kept in touch by mail during the six years of the conflict and in one Geoff proposed to Joan in 1943.

The pair tied the knot at Clayton West's Congregational Church in Yorkshire in 1945, on one of Geoff's leave breaks.

Strange but true: Three times a lady

Geoff and Joan on their wedding day. [Photo/CFP]