Strange but true: Three times a lady

Updated: 2015-04-10 10:13


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Man survives 66 days at sea

Strange but true: Three times a lady

Louis Jordan, left, who had been missing for more than 60 days arrives at the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, after being rescued by the US Coast Guard. [Photo/CFP]

It's not a scene from Ang Lee's Life of Pi, but a man survived for more than two months at sea on the overturned hull of his sailboat.

Louis Jordan, 37, who was reported missing on Jan 29, told family members he survived by catching fish with his bare hands and drinking rain water, according to the US Coast Guard.

He was spotted drifting on his disabled boat - an 11-meter vessel called Angel - approximately 322 kilometers off the North Carolina coast by the German-registered Houston Express tanker and taken aboard on April 2.

Jordan was hospitalized with dehydration and a shoulder injury, but refused treatment and was released, according to agencies, citing the hospital.

He responded to critics of his story explaining that he avoided sunburn and blisters by staying in the vessel's cabin and that he survived by rationing food and water.