No room in the pool

Updated: 2015-07-12 15:24


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No room in the pool

Govt officials asked to work Saturdays to bolster economy

To counter the downside pressure on the economy, government officials in Yan'an, northwest China, are really working hard. Public servants in the birthplace of the Chinese Communist revolution have all been asked to work on Saturdays until the end of September, Information Times reported Sunday.

It is claimed in a notice circulated among netizens that all departments directly under the supervision of the city government would be asked to work on Saturdays. The news has been confirmed by the development and reform commission, education, coal and finance departments of the city government.

The new regulation took effect on Saturday. An unnamed official said the measure was aimed to fight the slowing economy. Another official said they had no idea concerning the special allowances for the extra day of work each week.

Heads of government departments will be punished if they fail to carry out the new regulation, according to the report.

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