Cruising altitude

2015-09-11 23:06:42

As the number of outbound travelers from the Chinese mainland continues to soar, Cathay Pacific as the dominant regional carrier is well positioned to fly with the country’s ambition to travel the world and take off for new growth horizons.

Hong Kong Government Flying Service to buy seven H175 choppers

2015-09-08 20:58:46

The Hong Kong-based Government Flying Service (GFS) has ordered seven Airbus H175 helicopters, becoming the world's leading customer for the new-generation super-medium-sized rotorcraft, Airbus Helicopters said on Tuesday.

Hongkongers fight to save beloved trams

2015-09-05 07:22:24

A controversial new proposal to take Hong Kong's trams off the streets sparked a wave of anger from residents who fear losing the city's past.

Business as usual

2015-09-04 07:15:07

The slide of the yuan may have made traveling to and shopping in Hong Kong more costly, but mainland officials and potential visitors still believe its impact is not as dramatic as made out to be.

Riders on the storm

2015-09-04 07:15:07

On Aug 11, the People's Bank of China set the trading range of the yuan about 1.9 percent lower against the US dollar, allowing the currency to float at a more market-driven level against the greenback. In the week ended Aug 15, the yuan depreciated by nearly 4 percent.

HK needs to maintain hospitable image: Chief Executive

2015-09-01 15:49:01

Hong Kong needs to maintain its hospitable image as declining visitor numbers are affecting tourism-related businesses, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Leung Chun-ying said.

HK employers urged to hire middle-aged workers

2015-08-31 17:24:46

Hong Kong's Labor Department said on Monday that it will extend the Employment Program for the Middle-aged to cover part-time jobs from September.

Still a force

2015-08-24 07:51:02

What a difference a year can make in the tech world. Chinese mainland computer giant Lenovo was the darling of investors after it reported healthy growth in profit and revenue. The company's command of the global market's largest share for personal computers seemed unassailable and sales of its smartphones in the highly competitive Chinese mainland market were brisk.

Moving on up

2015-08-24 07:51:02

'Hire the right person" and "provide quality services". That is the key to running a successful business, says James Thompson, founder and chairman of Crown Worldwide Group.

Hong Kong recalls the darkest days of war

2015-08-28 07:41:51

Survivors of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong have never forgotten the grim struggle for survival from 1941 to 1945.

Cross-Straits negotiations resume after 18 months

2015-08-26 07:45:14

Talks resumed between leaders of the negotiating bodies from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan on Tuesday after the longest interval in the ongoing negotiations.

HIV hits more younger males in Hong Kong

2015-08-25 17:28:39

Young gay men are now becoming the majority of HIV virus carriers, a latest study by Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection has revealed.