Occupy Central not democracy: former Malaysian PM

2014-10-24 18:34:09

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad said here Friday that Occupy Central Movement is not democracy.

Arrest of HK protesters sought

2014-10-24 07:50:27

Transport associations in Hong Kong say they will seek arrest warrants against protesters on Friday, as they seek to put teeth into a High Court order to clear roads as the protesters continued to defy decrees for a third day.

Protesters ignore HK court order

2014-10-23 04:28:20

Clashes continued in Hong Kong on Wednesday as demonstrators ignored a court order to vacate protest sites.

Chinese community leaders in London blast HK protests

2014-10-22 06:49:33

Leaders of the Chinese community in Britain on Monday called on protesters in Hong Kong to stop the Occupy Central movement and let things return to normal.

HK election should 'stick to the law'

2014-10-22 04:54:36

The central leadership has its constitutional rights and responsibilities regarding the political structure of Hong Kong, the city's chief secretary told a group of students on Tuesday who have initiated illegal protests that have blocked streets for three weeks.

HK gov't holds 1st formal talks with protesting students

2014-10-21 18:38:28

Present at the meeting are five Hong Kong government officials and five students representing a student organization taking part in a 23-day-long Occupy Central movement.

HK court orders end to Mong Kok protest

2014-10-21 03:33:26

Hong Kong's High Court in ordered protesters to clear roads at an illegal assembly site in Mong Kok - the demonstrators' only remaining protest site in Kowloon.

Support dwindling for Hong Kong protesters

2014-10-20 07:30:53

A tracking poll showed 68 percent of Hong Kong people are against the illegal assemblies that halted traffic on thoroughfares as approval for authorities and police is rising.

Support dwindling for Hong Kong protesters

2014-10-20 03:12:53

A tracking poll showed approval for authorities and police is rising in Hong Kong as protesters are losing sympathy with the wider public.

China's central authorities 'fully support' HK gov't

2014-10-20 00:34:23

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung said on Sunday that China's central authorities are fully aware of Hong Kong's situation and have expressed confidence in him and the Hong Kong government to tackle the Occupy Central movement.

Chinese state councilor urges non-interference in HK affairs

2014-10-19 19:04:32

Visiting Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi has reaffirmed that the affairs of Hong Kong fall within China's domestic affairs, in which no countries have the right to interfere.

Protesters condemned for charging police cordon in HK

2014-10-19 13:41:31

Police condemned attempts by protesters to charge police cordon lines, saying such acts undermine public order and threaten the safety of everybody.