Milk powder comes to mainland via Macao

2014-05-14 18:18:00

Macao has become a bypass option for consumers from the Chinese mainland to purchase milk powder from Hong Kong, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Wednesday.

Spokesman rebuts 'mainland buying out Taiwan' remarks

2014-05-14 15:12:03

A Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday refuted accusations that "the mainland is buying out Taiwan" as baseless and with vile political intent.

Mainland proposes cross-Straits co-op

2014-05-14 14:13:25

A spokesman from the Chinese mainland on Wednesday said the mainland has proposed cooperation with Taiwan regarding the South China Sea issue.

Red Bull Flugtag event in HK

2014-05-12 10:49:53

A participant operates a self-made flying machine during the Red Bull Flugtag (Flight Day) event at Hong Kong's financial Central district on May 11, 2014. Participants from 43 team competed to fly the longest distance in their self-made aircraft in an attempt to win the Flugtag contest.

Hong Kong resident posts toilet map online

2014-05-08 18:02:37

A civil servant in Hong Kong posted a toilet map of Hong Kong on his micro blog account recently, saying he wanted to improve understanding between people in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland.

HK senior official stand trial for bribery

2014-05-08 12:45:28

A corruption trial involving Hong Kong's former chief secretary Rafael Hui and two of the city's richest men Thomas Kwok and Raymond Kwok opened in Hong Kong Thursday.

Mainland to work harder to hear from Taiwan grassroots

2014-05-08 07:10:21

Cross-Straits economic cooperation should never be undermined because it can benefit people on both the mainland and Taiwan, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.

Cross-Straits integration equals win-win

2014-05-07 14:01:31

Economic integration will bring about win-win results for the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, says Xi Jinping when meeting with Taiwan's People First Party chairman James CY Soong.

11 missing after ship collision near HK waters

2014-05-05 16:26:03

Eleven crewmen went missing in a ship collision near the waters of Hong Kong's Po Toi Island Monday morning, the local maritime authorities said.

11 crewmen missing after ship collision near HK waters

2014-05-05 15:20:44

Eleven crewmen went missing after two vessels collided near the waters of Hong Kong's Po Toi Island Monday morning, local maritime authorities said.

Man shot dead by police in HK

2014-05-05 13:49:01

A local man was shot dead by the police in the wee hours Monday when he attempted to attack his wife, the police said.

70% of Taiwan people wants cross-Straits pact review

2014-05-02 16:56:16

A survey shows that 70.4 percent of Taiwan people want to review the controversial cross-Straits service trade pact clause by clause "right now".