Taiwan tycoon faces 30 years for food scandal

2014-10-30 21:43:01

Prosecutors in Taiwan's Changhua county on Thursday filed charges of fraud and breaches of food safety regulations against Wei Ying-chung.

HK memorial allegedly vandalized by protesters

2014-10-30 15:17:40

A memorial for two pilots with the Hong Kong Government Flying Service has been vandalized. Protesters have been blamed for the graffiti which says things like "I require a 'real' general election" and "689, step down."

Open dialogue

2014-10-29 23:55:10

Four guests of the Asia Society take part in a panel discussion on Tuesday in New York about the "Occupy Central" campaign in Hong Kong.

HK politician ousted from political advisory body

2014-10-29 20:22:12

Hong Kong politician James Tien Pei-chun was voted out of China's top political advisory body on Wednesday for improper remarks.

Taiwan intelligence urged not to recruit mainland students

2014-10-29 19:26:57

A Chinese mainland spokesperson Wednesday asked Taiwan's intelligence agencies to stop trying to recruit exchange students from the mainland.

Taiwan urged to provide insurance for mainland students

2014-10-29 16:38:05

Chinese mainland authorities hope Taiwan can speed up its pace in improving medical insurance for Chinese mainland students attending schools in Taiwan, the spokeswoman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said at a routine press conference Wednesday morning.

HK parents fear for kids' safety

2014-10-29 07:45:27

Parents of protesting students in Hong Kong are growing increasingly worried about the youngsters' safety as pressure mounts on the police to clear areas affected by the Occupy Central campaign.

HK court extends temporary injunction against protests

2014-10-28 09:24:23

The temporary injunctions, issued Oct 20, targeted illegal protests at Mongkok, Kowloon and near an office building opposite to the Legislative Council complex in the Admiralty district.

Occupy Central plots hatched 2 years ago: BBC

2014-10-27 09:18:22

Far from being "impromptu demonstrations," the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong was plotted nearly two years ago with the involvement of overseas forces, the BBC reported.

HK residents say no to blockades and disorder

2014-10-26 23:38:50

As the impasse on Hong Kong streets entered its fifth week, the majority in the city spoke up as thousands have signed a petition to support police action against the protests.

Occupy Central damages govt operations, rule of law: HK official

2014-10-26 16:25:24

Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang said Sunday that the on-going Occupy Central movement would damage government operations and the rule of law.

Taiwan's gay parade calls attention to LGBT diversity

2014-10-25 19:33:10

In carnival splendor or even cross-dressed, participants in the 2014 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade posed for selfies with onlookers, comfortable and extravert in their lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender skins.