Weight watchers' club

2015-06-05 16:58:26

Arguments favoring weighted voting rights should take into account that this share-class structure will entail several corporate governance issues.

The rights balance

2015-06-05 16:58:26

The intentions of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx) to proceed with the second round of consultation on a voting rights rethink has been thwarted, as its own Listing Committee did not approve the Weighted Voting Rights Concept Paper (Concept Paper) at their May 11 meeting. The committee's refusal to endorse the Concept Paper means that the HKEx may not start the second round of consultation in the third quarter as planned.

Opposition lawmakers wooed to keep reform on track; 5 votes needed

2015-06-05 07:40:29

Hong Kong's chief executive and constitutional affairs officials have stepped up attempts to gain the support of a handful of opposition lawmakers needed to ensure that the city's constitutional reform process stays on track.

HK economy will suffer if reform fails, tycoon says

2015-06-04 07:57:12

Hong Kong's economy will suffer if opposition lawmakers fail to support the government's constitutional reform proposal, tycoon Li Ka-shing warned on Wednesday.

New panda pair make debut in Macao to greet Children's Day

2015-06-01 20:41:02

The new giant panda pair donated by the Chinese central government as gifts to Macao made official debut Monday in panda pavilion in Seac Pai Van Park to greet the International Children's Day.

Pair of pandas go on show to public

2015-06-01 07:25:24

A brief ceremony was held at Seac Pai Van Park in Macao on Sunday to introduce a pair of giant pandas - Kai Kai and Xin Xin - to the public after a monthlong quarantine.

Poll plan rules out opposition minority

2015-06-01 07:24:56

The proposal to elect Hong Kong's next chief executive by universal suffrage excludes certain opposition members who view the region as an "independent" entity, distort the meaning of the Basic Law or subvert the central leadership.

HK quarantines 18 close contacts of MERS patient

2015-05-31 13:46:54

Eighteen people having close contact with a South Korean man infected with the MERS have been sent to a quarantine camp, including two South Korean women who had earlier refused to be quarantined.

No gambling for mainland tourists in Taiwan: Spokeswoman

2015-05-27 13:39:36

Chinese mainland authorities welcome the healthy expansion of tourism cooperation and exchanges across the Taiwan Strait, but will not allow its citizens to gamble in Taiwan.

Mainland official wants ties to be safeguarded from U-turns

2015-05-25 07:27:57

The Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs chief Zhang Zhijun called on Saturday for efforts to avoid U-turns in ties across the Taiwan Straits during a two-day visit.

Cross-Strait affairs chiefs meet, stressing no setbacks in ties

2015-05-23 18:58:53

The mainland's Taiwan affairs chief Zhang Zhijun on Saturday called for efforts to avoid U-turns and self-inflicted setbacks to ties across the Taiwan Strait.

Mainland's Taiwan affairs chief arrives for Kinmen visit

2015-05-23 14:57:37

The Chinese mainland chief of Taiwan affairs, Zhang Zhijun, arrived in Taiwan's Kinmen County on Saturday afternoon for a two-day visit.