HK's cruise liners courting mainland visitors

2014-03-10 10:01:41

Hong Kong's cruise sector is expected to ride a wave of more tourists with a surge from the Chinese mainland, thanks to advanced onboard amenities and new destinations.

Anti-secession bodies established in 100 countries

2014-03-09 11:27:13

Overseas Chinese have set up anti-secession and pro-unification organizations in more than 100 countries and regions to promote cross-Straits ties between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

Mainland's Taiwan affairs chief expects to visit Taiwan before June

2014-03-05 23:39:30

The Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs chief said Wednesday that he expects to visit Taiwan in the first half of this year.

China emphasizes Hong Kong, Macao development

2014-03-05 22:27:53

A senior official said Wednesday that the Chinese government will continue to support economic growth in Hong Kong and Macao.

Macao taps into sports tourism market

2014-03-03 15:13:01

For visitors from the Chinese mainland, Macao is no longer just a gambling destination featuring luxury casinos.

Ties with Taiwan enhanced

2014-02-28 10:17:50

Deals signed to bolster efforts in disaster relief and prevention The mainland and Taiwan signed two agreements in Taipei on Thursday to expand cooperation in meteorological and earthquake monitoring, and disaster prevention and relief.

Mainland, Taiwan negotiators hold 10th round talks

2014-02-27 09:46:04

Chief negotiators from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan on Thursday morning began the 10th round of cross-Straits talks, centering on two agreements regarding cooperation on meteorological and seismic monitoring.

Cross-Straits compatriots told to be vigilant

2014-02-26 16:42:51

Compatriots from across the Taiwan Straits should be vigilant against Japanese proposals that may interfere with cross-Straits affairs, a mainland spokesman said on Wednesday.

Negotiator arrives in Taiwan for cross-Straits talks

2014-02-26 14:47:32

Chen Deming, president of the mainland-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS), arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday for a new round of cross-Straits talks.

C Y Leung condemns assault against former editor-in-chief

2014-02-26 14:27:19

Former editor-in-chief of local newspaper Ming Pao Kevin Lau was assaulted on Wednesday by an unidentified attacker on the Hong Kong Island.

Cross-Straits farming cooperation yields high

2014-02-26 14:24:09

In Luoshan Village in eastern Taiwan, where mainland tourists and investors are rarely seen, green rice paddies offer a link between local farmers and the rest of China.

HK govt to ensure sufficient capacity to receive tourists

2014-02-26 14:15:01

Hong Kong's Financial Secretary John Tsang said Wednesday that the government should strive to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to receive visitors.