Mixed picture seen for SAR

2015-07-24 14:01:47

The recent volatility in the Hong Kong and mainland stock markets, as well as an imminent interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve will dim the momentum of the SAR's housing market and slow down the rise in home prices in the second half of 2015, warn analysts.

Be aware of ties that blind

2015-07-24 14:01:47

It appears that the Shenzhen property market has been hit by the stocks swing, but there may be other factors fueling the slide.

Death toll of Taiwan water park blaze rises to 9

2015-07-23 21:16:13

The death toll from a fire in Taiwan on June 27 rose to nine when a 19-year-old college student died in hospital on Thursday morning.

HK customs seizes suspected ketamine

2015-07-22 19:48:05

Hong Kong Customs announced Wednesday that they seized about 2 kilograms of suspected ketamine, with a market value of about HK$260,000, at the Lo Wu Control Point on Tuesday.

Deal to provide vital water to Kinmen

2015-07-21 07:51:05

The days of chronic water shortages in the Kinmen archipelago are numbered.

Taiwan's KMT nominates Hung Hsiu-chu for Taiwan leadership bid

2015-07-19 19:12:22

Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang (KMT) party on Sunday endorsed the candidacy of Hung Hsiu-chu in the Taiwan leadership election next January.

HK judge warns against trial outbursts

2015-07-18 08:06:15

A Hong Kong judge sharply warned opposition activists that courtrooms are not an appropriate place to make political commentaries, as key organizers of last year's occupation campaign face charges.

From local bank to global finance giant

2015-07-17 10:52:00

David Kynaston believes many underestimate just how Hong Kong has transformed itself over the past 35 years.

A price to pay

2015-07-17 14:50:44

The central government's strategy to stabilize the stock market has largely worked as intended. The main purpose is not to prop up share prices as many investors wrongly assume, but to allow the bubble to deflate in a manageable manner rather than bursting outright.

Power and the glory

2015-07-17 14:50:44

Tranquil and serene Kowloon Bay glows in the sunlight as it stretches away to meet the sky.

Electric experience

2015-07-13 07:10:00

Richard Lancaster has spent most of his 30-year career in the power industry.

HK 'Occupy Central' leaders to stand trial

2015-07-17 10:43:01

Two HK students who initiated the "Occupy Central" last year will stand trial for allegedly obstructing a police officer from performing his duties.