Singapore FM sees anti-China bias in Western media reports

2014-10-05 06:50:37

There has been lots of anti-China bias in Western media reports on the Occupy Central movement in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Singapore's Foreign Minister K Shanmugam has said.

19 arrested over clash in Hong Kong

2014-10-04 18:23:58

The city's security authorities said 19 people were arrested on Friday when clashes broke out between Occupy Central protestors and anti-Occupy people.

Taiwan health chief resigns over tainted oil

2014-10-04 16:22:26

Chiu Wen-ta stepped down Friday night after the tainted oil scandal sparked public fear and anger.

Taiwan health chief resigns over tainted oil

2014-10-04 13:32:36

Taiwan's health chief Chiu Wen-ta resigned Friday night over a tainted oil scandal.

Handover 'brought democracy to HK'

2014-10-04 07:00:28

A renowned British academic said Beijing has overwhelmingly honored its commitment to the principle of "One Country, Two Systems" since the Hong Kong handover in 1997 and that most protesters in the former British colony are driven by a sense of dislocation.

Hong Kong protests ebb after offer of talks

2014-10-04 07:00:28

Crowds of protesters on the streets of Hong Kong dwindled sharply on Friday after the special administrative region's chief executive agreed to arrange a meeting with their leaders over demands for electoral reforms.

Firmly safeguard rule of law in HK

2014-10-04 02:02:20

Democracy and the rule of law are interdependent, and a democracy without the rule of law will only bring havoc, says a commentary to be carried by Saturday's People's Daily.

Hong Kong Chief Executive calls for peace after clashes

2014-10-04 02:00:43

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying gave an urgent TV broadcast calling for peace after Occupy protesters clashed with anti-Occupy people in Hong Kong's two major commercial areas.

HK urges end to 'Occupy' protests

2014-10-03 12:58:21

The Hong Kong government told protesters on Thursday to stop the "Occupy Central" movement immediately, hours before the midnight deadline set by the demonstrators for the resignation of the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

Protests harm HK economy

2014-10-03 20:55:40

Calls grew on Friday for Hong Kong's "free and sound" investment climate to be protected and illegal Occupy Central gatherings ended.

Critics lash out at protestors for jeopardizing HK's future

2014-10-03 20:53:39

Critics of different countries have denounced the illegal gatherings of the Occupy Central movement and criticized protestors for resorting to violence and jeopardizing Hong Kong's future.

HK protests challenge supreme power organ: People's Daily

2014-10-03 10:30:15

The illegal gatherings of the Occupy Central movement are aimed at challenging both China's supreme power organ and Hong Kong citizens' democratic rights, and are doomed to fail, according to a commentary to be carried by Friday's People's Daily.