Taiwan affairs chief named

2013-03-19 06:57:49

A senior diplomat has been named as the mainland's top official in charge of Taiwan affairs, which analysts said will boost the peaceful development of cross-Straits ties.

Premier voices full support for HK, Macao govts

2013-03-18 23:58:34

Premier Li Keqiang on Monday met with CY Leung and Chui Sai On, chief executives of the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, praising the regions' roles in boosting the country's overall development.

Xi Jinping endorses work of HK, Macao govts

2013-03-18 21:02:31

Chinese president Xi Jinping on Monday met CY Leung and Chui Sai On, chief executives of Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions(SAR), fully endorsing their work and that of their respective governments.

Li promises to further advance mainland-HK coop

2013-03-17 14:44:34

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday said that the central government will further advance policies for deepening cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.

HK records 513 HIV cases in 2012

2013-03-06 13:53:00

A total of 513 new cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections were recorded in 2012, compared with 438 reported cases in 2011, Hong Kong's Health Department announced.

HK sets baby formula limits

2013-03-04 07:44:08

Since it took effect on Friday, 45 people have been detained in Hong Kong for violating a new limit on the amount of infant formula than can be taken to the mainland.

HK limits mainlanders' infant milk powder purchases

2013-03-01 20:06:51

A regulation restricting milk powder purchases by mainland consumers in Hong Kong will take effect on March 1.

Mainland, Taiwan look to possibilities in aerospace

2013-02-28 00:52:37

The mainland is eager to cooperate with Taipei on space research and development, Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference.

Hu lauds Taiwan ties in meeting with KMT leader

2013-02-27 08:42:04

President Hu called for further cooperation between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang to boost cross-Straits ties as he met with KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan Tuesday.

Hu Jintao meets Lien Chan, urging further co-op

2013-02-26 16:36:49

President Hu Jintao Tuesday urged the CPC and the Kuomintang to further strengthen their cooperation to make common expectations on cross-Strait relations a reality.

Hu stresses peaceful cross-Straits ties

2013-02-26 15:01:37

President Hu Jintao on Tuesday stressed that the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations is in accord with the overall interests of the Chinese nation.

Taiwan's cargo ship captain arrested in Japan

2013-02-26 13:23:35

The captain of a cargo ship from China's Taiwan, which was in collision with two fishing boats in waters in Osaka Bay in western Japan, was arrested Tuesday by the Japanese coast guard on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in death, local press reported.