Remembering the dead on the seventh day after TransAsia crash

2015-02-11 07:39:18

A special prayer ceremony was held in memory of those who died in last week's TransAsia Airlines crash in Taipei, Taiwan, on Tuesday afternoon, the seventh day after the crash.

Taiwan's mainland affairs chief resigns

2015-02-10 17:40:42

Taiwan's mainland affairs chief Wang Yu-chi announced his resignation on Tuesday, taking responsibility for forcing his former deputy to quit in August last year over allegations that he had leaked official secrets.

Equal compensation pledged for all crash victims

2015-02-09 08:17:05

Relatives of those who died in last week's plane crash in Taipei, whether from Taiwan or the Chinese mainland, will receive equal compensation.

Search continues for 3 missing in TransAsia crash

2015-02-08 18:27:55

Rescue workers continued their search along the Keelung River in Taiwan's Taipei for the last three passengers on Sunday, who remain missing four days after TransAsia Airways' crash that has killed at least 40 people onboard.

TransAsia discusses compensation with victims' families

2015-02-08 16:20:57

The airline has begun distributing $38,000 to families of the deceased for funeral costs, and a second meeting will be held on Wednesday to discuss compensation matters further.

Five more bodies found in Taiwan plane crash tragedy

2015-02-07 19:43:56

Thirty-one tourists from the Chinese mainland who had just completed visits to Taiwan were on board the plane bound for Kinmen when the tragedy happened and at least 26 of them have died.

Public mourning for Taiwan plane crash victims on Feb 10

2015-02-07 18:20:18

A public memorial ceremony will be held on Feb 10 in Taipei to mourn victims of the TransAsia Airways plane crash.

Death toll from TransAsia Airways plane crash rises to 38

2015-02-07 16:09:34

Rescuers on Saturday morning recovered three more bodies, raising the death toll from the TransAsia Airways plane crash to 38.

Pilot died clutching plane's joystick

2015-02-07 07:19:02

The pilot of the crashed TransAsia Airways plane was still clutching the joystick when his body was found in the cockpit, reports said on Friday as the airline faced sanctions over its second fatal accident.

Heart and sole

2015-02-06 07:53:26

William Wong Wai was just 25 when he set up Goddess International Ltd.

Taiwan security chief resigns

2015-02-06 20:30:34

King Pu-tsung, Taiwan's security chief, resigned on Friday.

Both TransAsia plane engines lost power before Taiwan crash

2015-02-06 18:07:16

One of the engines on TransAsia plane went idle 37 seconds after takeoff, and the pilots may have shut off the remaining engine before attempting to restart them.