HK gov't suspends meeting with Occupy students

2014-10-09 20:40:41

Hong Kong government said it suspended the first formal meeting with 'Occupy Central' representatives originally slated for Friday afternoon.

Closer cross-Straits ties attract more intl investment in Taiwan: Ma

2014-10-08 16:52:23

Positive developments in cross-Straits relations have led more international firms to invest in Taiwan in hopes of tapping into mainland and Asian markets, Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said during a business forum on Wednesday.

Silent HK majority urged to support government

2014-10-08 06:35:56

As the Hong Kong government and representatives of Occupy Central students look set to hold their first formal meeting on Friday, a former senior Hong Kong SAR official believes that the silent majority in Hong Kong should speak up.

HK govt to hold meeting with Occupy students on Friday

2014-10-08 02:45:20

The two sides will discuss two issues, namely "constitutional development's constitutional basis" and "constitutional development's legal provision".

Occupiers urged to reflect

2014-10-07 04:09:44

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying urged protesters and students camping out in the city to reflect on the inconveniences imposed on the public. World Bank weighs protest's economic impact

An Open Letter to Our Hong Kong Compatriots

2014-10-07 04:18:39

In recent days the “Occupy Central” campaign has wreaked havoc on social order and the normal lives of people in Hong Kong, resulting in losses of 40 billion RMB. Therefore, we overseas Chinese are deeply concerned about the situation there.

World Bank weighs protest's economic impact

2014-10-07 03:32:58

Protests in Hong Kong could hurt the city's economy - as well as the Chinese mainland's - but the impact will depend on how long the "uncertainty" lasts, the World Bank's chief economist for Asia said on Monday.

Back to work

2014-10-07 00:16:32

Government employees arrive to work as they walk along an area occupied by protesters outside of the government headquarters building in Hong Kong on Monday. Some protesters left the Mong Kok area of the city.

Many voices call for end to HK protest

2014-10-06 14:10:16

As cracks widened among protesters in Hong Kong, government and community leaders called on the crowds to abandon their blockades of major roads and government buildings for the sake of personal safety and the greater good of the public.

Many voices call for end to protest

2014-10-06 10:27:04

Hong Kong's civil servants returned to work and schools were reopening Monday as a protest that has occupied much of the city center dwindled.

Some protesters in Hong Kong decide to withdraw, classes to resume

2014-10-05 22:01:25

Some protesters decided on Sunday to withdraw from areas in Hong Kong as a good gesture for talks, while schools affected by the demonstration would resume classes on Monday.

Hong Kongers' free will shall not be held hostage

2014-10-05 06:51:34

Hong Kong's prosperity and stability are hard-won and should be treasured, while Hong Kongers' free will shall not be held hostage to those organizers of the Occupy Central movement.