Hackers protest in San Francisco subway

2011-08-16 12:34:02

Four San Francisco subway stations shut down temporarily on Monday during a demonstration organized by the hacker group Anonymous over police brutality and free speech.

Plane crash kills two in Alaska

2011-08-15 10:31:46

Two people were killed in a plane crash Saturday evening in western central Alaska and four others on board survived, Alaska State Troopers said Sunday.

5 killed as Indiana State Fair Stage collapses

2011-08-15 06:43:13

A fifth people was confirmed dead Sunday and 45 others were injured after a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair Saturday, the Fox News reported.

Donors keep search for aliens alive

2011-08-15 08:07:52

A California institute plans to again start operating equipment used to listen for signs of intelligent life in space by collecting private donations in the place of money lost from government cuts.

Spoilers don't ruin stories or films: Study

2011-08-15 08:07:52

If you tend to get angry when someone spoils the plot of a movie or reveals the ending of a book, you shouldn't.

US postal service to cut jobs

2011-08-12 10:44:12

Financially struggling US Postal Service (USPS) is considering to lay off thousands of jobs, a bad news for the already troubling US labor market

Murdoch does not endorse son

2011-08-12 08:08:17

Rupert Murdoch acknowledged for the first time publicly that his son James is not the preferred choice to succeed him as News Corp CEO, at least in the near-term.

NY schools to make sex education mandatory

2011-08-11 15:29:02

NY City public schools will teach mandatory sex education classes to all middle- and high school students, part of a citywide initiative to help reduce teenage pregnancies

Cleveland Volcano in low-level eruption

2011-08-11 08:31:40

Cleveland Volcano has been in low-level eruption since the end of July, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said.

Music stars campaign to end hunger crisis in Africa

2011-08-11 07:49:10

NEW YORK - A global social media campaign featuring a Bob Marley song was launched by some of the music industry's top stars on Tuesday to help stem the hunger crisis that is increasing in the Horn of Africa.

Americans spent 8b hours volunteering in 2010

2011-08-10 22:27:22

More than 60 million Americans volunteered 8.1 billion hours of their services in 2010 in work valued at nearly $173 million, according to a new report.

US zoo on brink of finishing elephant sperm bank

2011-08-10 20:14:25

Zoo officials trying to establish North America's first elephant sperm bank have been slowed by bureaucratic hurdles but hope South African officials will approve shipping frozen elephant semen to the United States in about a month.