Picture of Jackson's body be off-limits

2011-04-08 16:56:18

Attorneys on behalf of Conrad Murray have asked that autopsy photographs of the singer's body should be kept off from the jurors.

Glenn Beck, Fox cancel TV show

2011-04-08 08:04:20

Glenn Beck and cable channel Fox News are ending his daily TV show after falling ratings.

Few confident US ready for nuclear emergency

2011-04-08 14:40:13

Only one-quarter of Americans are confident the US government is prepared to respond to a nuclear emergency similar to the one in Japan.

Space telescopes observe unusual cosmic blast

2011-04-08 10:45:31

Astronomers are puzzling over an extraordinary cosmic blast in a distant galaxy.

Camera catches elder abuse at US facility

2011-04-08 08:46:05

Aides at an assisted living facility assaulted and mocked a half-naked dementia patient as the elderly woman struggled to flee her room.

US astronomers hunt for nearby stars

2011-04-08 08:34:35

Using NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GEE) satellite, US astronomers are hunting for nearby, hard-to-see stars.

Errors still common in US hospitals

2011-04-07 14:41:18

About one in three people in the United States will encounter some kind of mistake during a hospital stay, US researchers said on Thursday.

'My Other Ride is a Spaceship'

2011-04-07 11:03:51

The new Virgin America A320 aptly named "My Other Ride is a Spaceship" flies in tandem with White Knight2 carrying Spaceship 2 over San Francisco April 6, 2011.

Spitzer finds a hidden jet

2011-04-05 14:25:13

A baby star sprouts two identical jets, seen as green lines emanating from a fuzzy star, in this photograph taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope and released by NASA April 4, 2011.

US baby boomers fear retirement

2011-04-06 07:17:34

US baby boomers are starting to retire, but many are agonizing about their finances and believe they'll need to work longer than they had planned

Rubber duck search leads to high seas yarn

2011-04-02 07:51:32

Men have gone to sea in search of adventure since history began but few have searched for toy ducks and then written a book on the environment.

US unemployment rate drops to 8.8%

2011-04-01 21:48:02

The US unemployment rate edged down to 8.8 percent in March from 8.9 percent in the previous month, and nonfarm payroll employment rose by 216,000.