Schwarzenegger son hurt in surf mishap

2011-07-23 09:36:46

The youngest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver is recovering in a hospital after a body-boarding accident at a Malibu beach last weekend, a family statement said Friday.

Obama ends gays in US military ban

2011-07-23 07:58:04

Obama formally signed off on ending the ban on gays serving openly in the US military.

Illegal boat caught with 357 dead sharks

2011-07-22 09:57:56

Ecuadorean authorities say they have seized 357 dead sharks from a boat that was fishing illegally in the protected waters of the Galapagos Islands national park.

Most Americans still want US dominance in space

2011-07-22 07:13:07

Most Americans still think their country should play a dominant role in space exploration, a new poll showed on Thursday as the 30-year US space shuttle program came to an end.

Heat stroke hits the US

2011-07-22 07:28:37

Crowds flocked to waterfronts and swimming pools on the US East Coast and in the Midwest to try to cope with a heat wave that has killed at least 22 people.

Atlantis landing end of an era

2011-07-22 07:41:40

The space shuttle Atlantis glided home through a clear moonlit sky on Thursday to complete a 13-day cargo run to the International Space Station and a 30-year odyssey for NASA's shuttle program.

22 dead as US heat wave moves east

2011-07-21 13:29:47

A searing heat wave in the central and southern United States has killed at least 22 people this week.

Google to launch 'Harry Potter' ebooks

2011-07-21 08:52:49

Google announced on Wednesday that it has reached a deal with author J.K. Rowling to launch the series of Harry Potter ebooks on Google's platform.

Bill Gates to 'reinvent' the toilet

2011-07-21 08:23:03

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is pledging millions of dollars in grants to reinvent the toilet

Obesity rates keep rising in US

2011-07-20 11:41:09

Obesity prevalence was 30 percent or higher in 12 states of the United States last year, compared to nine states in 2009.

Apple posts strong quarterly earnings

2011-07-20 09:56:52

The iPhone is conquering Asia, the home of its strongest competitors. Sales there nearly quadrupled from a year ago and helped Apple Inc. trump analyst expectations for yet another quarter.

Last shuttle leaves space station

2011-07-20 08:29:00

The last space shuttle is headed home. Atlantis left the International Space Station on Tuesday and slipped away after a partial lap around the station.