72 charged of child sexual abuse

2011-08-04 06:25:55

Of the 72 charged in the United States, 43 have been arrested in this country and nine abroad.

Heat claims 12 lives in Dallas

2011-08-03 13:32:23

Twelve people have died from the heat in the US city of Dallas this summer, as a record-breaking heat wave is scorching many US states, officials said Tuesday.

Hepburn's former estate on sale for $28m

2011-08-03 07:53:20

The former estate of legendary actress Katharine Hepburn, who died in 2003, is up for sale with a $28 million asking price.

US tribe approves same-sex marriage

2011-08-03 08:23:42

A Native American in Washington state has adopted a law recognizing gay marriage, making it only the second tribe in the country known to do so.

Space Needle contest aims to send person to space

2011-08-02 13:32:11

Organizers want to go beyond Earth to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Seattle's iconic Space Needle.

Scientists discover oxygen molecules in space

2011-08-02 13:29:40

Scientists have discovered oxygen molecules in deep space in a region of the Orion nebula, some 1,500 light years from the Earth, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced Monday.

Naked performance art on Wall St. ends in arrests

2011-08-02 11:24:20

Some artists got naked on Wall Street during a performance art piece _ and then they got arrested.

Polygamist leader: God demands judge's removal

2011-08-02 11:11:32

Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs made a third attempt Monday to remove the Texas judge overseeing his child sex assault case _ this time claiming God himself demands a change.

New York wedding planners brace for same-sex boom

2011-08-02 10:45:25

New York City's event planners are gearing up for a surge in business after the Empire State embraced same-sex marriage and hundreds of couples rush to tie the knot.

US airport inspectors work without pay

2011-08-02 10:45:25

Republicans late Monday blocked a bipartisan US Senate plan to end the partial shutdown of the FAA.

'Potter' finale conjures up $1 billion worldwide

2011-08-01 09:35:24

Harry Potter has joined the billion-dollar club.

Planes collide over Alaska, 4 dead

2011-08-01 06:27:34

Two single-engine float planes collided as they flew near an Alaska lake and one of them crashed and burned, killing the four people aboard