Police: 7 killed in Michigan shootings

2011-07-08 12:55:49

Police say seven people including a child have been shot dead at two sites in the western Michigan city of Grand Rapids.

Frantic manhunt on after 7 found killed in US

2011-07-08 08:34:23

A frantic manhunt is under way for a suspect in seven fatal shootings in the Midwestern state of Michigan.

Florida divers find new treasure from famed wreck

2011-07-07 08:33:59

Divers in the Florida Keys have recovered a large emerald ring and two silver spoons believed to come from Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a shipwrecked Spanish galleon that has already yielded one of the greatest treasures ever recovered from the sea.

US court orders immediate halt to gay military ban

2011-07-07 08:30:11

A federal appeals court ordered the US government on Wednesday to immediately cease enforcing the ban on openly gay members of the militar

1st day hiccup for NY same-sex marriages

2011-07-06 10:30:39

Same-sex couples eager to marry in New York hit a bureaucratic snag when marriage license applications made available to them for the first time still used the terms "bride" and "groom."

NASA to launch Jupiter probe Juno in Aug.

2011-07-06 08:51:34

NASA's Juno spacecraft is 30 days away before its first launch window opens, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announced on Tuesday.

Late talkers do fine as they grow up: Study

2011-07-06 08:19:16

In good news for parents of children who talk late, an Australian study shows that a slow start on language is unlikely to have lingering effects on the children's mental health.

US shipmates await word of 7 missing

2011-07-06 09:27:03

The seven US tourists still missing two days after their boat capsized off Mexico's coast went to sea as they had for several years on the US Independence Day holiday

US teen survives after being run over by train

2011-07-05 22:16:55

A 17-year-old boy suffered only cuts and bruises after being run over by a train. Des Moines TV station KCCI says the teen told city police he had been drinking at a music festival when he blacked out Sunday night.

E.coli seen spawning biofuel in five years

2011-07-04 14:02:28

The bacteria behind food poisoning worldwide, the mighty E.coli, could be turned into a commercially available biofuel in five years

Atlantis opens next chapter, says NASA

2011-07-03 09:54:59

The Atlantis mission to be launched by NASA on July 8 will not be an end to the space age, as some media suggest.

NORAD intercepts small plane near Camp David

2011-07-03 08:09:05

A two-seat plane had to be escorted to the ground by an F-15 fighter after straying into a restricted zone around Camp David in Maryland.