Berm collapses at US nuclear plant

2011-06-27 07:08:24

A berm holding the flooded Missouri River back from a Nebraska nuclear power station collapsed, but federal regulators said there was no danger.

US extradites fugitive Philippine police officer

2011-06-26 14:06:49

US authorities have extradited a former Filipino police officer who has served a jail term for illegal possession of classified documents in the United States but was separately sought in the Philippines for charges related to 2000 twin killings, officials said.

US pediatrician guilty of child sex abuse

2011-06-24 07:22:47

A former Delaware pediatrician who decorated his office with Disney characters and miniature amusement park rides was found guilty of sexually abusing scores of his young patients.

Study:Big city life can get you down

2011-06-24 07:53:26

This may come as no surprise to residents of big cities: Living there can be bad for your mental health.

Bone piece with carving of ancient beast found

2011-06-24 07:53:26

A bone fragment at least 13,000 years old, with the carved image of a mammoth or mastodon, has been discovered in the southern US state of Florida, a new study reports.

US Airways lets man fly wearing women's panties

2011-06-23 07:34:24

Days before a college football player was arrested on a US Airways flight at San Francisco airport following a dispute over his saggy pants, the airline allowed another man wearing skimpy women's panties and mid-thigh stockings to fly.

Food allergies 'affect 1 in 12' US kids

2011-06-22 07:56:22

One in 12 children in the United States may have a food allergy, with more than a third of those having severe allergies, according to a study.

Huntsman enters 2012 US race

2011-06-21 23:05:43

Republican Jon Huntsman, President Barack Obama's former ambassador to China, will say the country must make "hard decisions" to deal with its debt on Tuesday.

Levees in northern Missouri breached

2011-06-22 08:07:02

The overflowing Missouri River closes the road to flooded Corning, Missouri, June 21, 2011.

Rallies grow as New York weighs gay marriage vote

2011-06-21 11:07:30

Hundreds of raucous demonstrators on both sides of the divisive gay-marriage debate jammed the usually sedate halls of New York state's Capitol on Monday as lawmakers considered whether to schedule a decisive vote on the issue.

NASA's Cassini reveils image of icy moon Helene

2011-06-21 09:52:28

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has successfully completed its second-closest encounter with Saturn's icy moon Helene, beaming down raw images of the small moon, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said on Monday.

Parents warned of portable pool risks

2011-06-21 07:57:55

With the hot summer months arriving, a new study warns that caregivers need to be thinking about the drowning hazards posed by portable pools, including inflatable and wading pools.