Facebook allows police searches

2011-07-13 10:07:54

US law-enforcement agencies are increasingly obtaining warrants to search Facebook, often gaining detailed access to users' accounts without their knowledge.

US mom in son's death wasn't mentally ill

2011-07-13 14:29:51

Lawyers for a multimillionaire charged with murdering her 8-year-old autistic son in a New York City hotel say she wasn't mentally ill.

US panel says changes needed at US nuclear plants

2011-07-13 10:19:21

Calling the Japan nuclear disaster "unacceptable," an expert task force convened by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is saying that plants in the U.S. need better protections for rare, catastrophic events.

US sisters sue over mom's burial in wrong plot

2011-07-13 13:28:34

Two New York City sisters have filed a lawsuit claiming their mother was buried in a different grave from the plot they had been visiting for 20 years.

Schwarzenegger back in Hollywood saddle

2011-07-13 07:39:58

Two months after putting his Hollywood return on hold following a damaging sex scandal, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to get back into the saddle.

US airports have security vulnerabilities

2011-07-13 08:58:12

It has been almost 10 years since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, and US airports still are not as secure as they need to be.

Planes collide in midair but land safely

2011-07-12 10:45:02

Two small planes collided in midair along a narrow and treacherous mountain corridor in Alaska in a crash that marked an extraordinarily rare event: No one was injured.

Gunmen abduct 2 US citizens in Philippines

2011-07-12 10:04:07

A mother and son, both US citizens, and a Filipino relative, who were on brief vacation, were abducted by heavily armed gunmen in an island off the coast east of this city

Texas mom delivers 16-pound newborn

2011-07-12 08:21:30

A Texas mom expected a big baby, but nothing like this: 16 pounds, 1 ounce (7.3 kilograms).

Gay marriage law could result in adoption boom

2011-07-12 08:06:09

Now adoption lawyers and agencies in New York say they're getting ready for a baby boom as same-sex couples emboldened by the state's new gay marriage law take the next step and try to adopt children.

Ex-US first lady Betty Ford dies at 93

2011-07-09 11:35:32

Betty Ford, the wife of the late President Gerald Ford, who overcame alcohol and prescription drug addictions and helped found a rehabilitation clinic that bears her name, died on Friday at the age of 93.

4 killed in plane crash in California

2011-07-09 09:08:26

A small plane crashed in a hospital parking lot in Watsonville, Northern California, killing four people on board, authorities said on Friday.