Monroe's legendary dress sells for $4.6m

2011-06-21 07:57:55

Price for famous garb from Seven Year Itch higher than expected

US couple has sextuplets on Father's Day weekend

2011-06-20 10:26:24

It's a big Father's Day for an Alabama man whose wife gave birth to sextuplets.

Four shot to death at NY pharmacy

2011-06-20 10:26:30

A gunman fatally shot four people inside a pharmacy in a New York suburb Sunday morning, killing everyone inside the store in what police said looked like a robbery gone wrong.

Winds to challenge crews battling US wildfires

2011-06-20 10:00:01

Extremely high winds are expected to challenge firefighters trying to protect homes threatened by a pair of fires in southern and eastern Arizona on Sunday.

Flood surges over levees in Missouri

2011-06-20 14:45:19

Several levees in northern Missouri were failing Sunday to hold back the surge of water being released from upstream dams, and officials and...

Some Methodist in US clergy defy gay marriage ban

2011-06-20 13:34:45

A growing number of pastors in the United Methodist Church say they are no longer willing to obey a church rule that prohibits them from officiating at same-sex marriages, despite the potential threat of being disciplined or dismissed from the church.

Namesakes support stricken town

2011-06-20 08:04:43

Phil Campbells raise money for tornado-hit Alabama community

Springsteen's saxophonist 'Big Man' Clemons dies at 69

2011-06-20 08:04:43

Clarence Clemons, the burly saxophone player who played a crucial role in shaping Bruce Springsteen's early sound, died on Saturday, six days after suffering a stroke at his Florida home. He was 69.

FBI: No explosives found on plane at Reagan

2011-06-20 06:44:56

No explosives were found aboard a plane that landed in Washington Sunday after someone made a bomb threat at an airport ticket counter in Ohio, an FBI spokesman said.

Heat, high winds threaten US wildfire lines

2011-06-17 13:53:45

Firefighters trying to protect homes, a popular national park and tinder dry patches of forest were tested Thursday as temperatures peaked and winds started to whip up the flames of several wildfires burning throughout the Southwest.

US house infested with snakes

2011-06-16 09:58:39

The five-bedroom house sits on pastoral acreage in the rural US countryside. At a price less than $180,000, it seemed a steal. But a bargain it wasn't.

NASA fuels shuttle Atlantis in last-launch test

2011-06-16 12:10:00

NASA fueled space shuttle Atlantis on Wednesday, but it was only a test leading up to the last flight of the 30-year program.