Fewer American families own TV set

2011-05-04 10:07:45

Fewer American households own a television set in 2010, representing the first reduction in 20 years, Nielsen Co. said on Tuesday.

NYC taxis to get suburban look

2011-05-04 09:43:42

A boxy minivan made by Nissan will be the next iconic yellow cab in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday.

Michelle Obama dances for fitness event

2011-05-04 06:36:04

US first lady Michelle Obama dances during a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School for a "Let's Move" fitness event in Washington May 3, 2011.

NASA delays Endeavour's final launch

2011-05-03 11:02:08

NASA is pushing back from May 8 to May 10 its target for the already delayed launch of space shuttle Endeavour on its last flight to the International Space Station.

New York beefs up security forces

2011-05-03 08:57:50

New York City stepped up its police force in major public locations on Monday in the wake of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Police presence beefed up at NY airports

2011-05-02 19:15:47

Some local law enforcement agencies in the US were adding security measures Monday following Osama bin Laden's death, out of what one called "an abundance of caution."

Crowds gather in NYC, DC after bin Laden killed

2011-05-02 13:36:46

Hundreds of people were gathering in New York City at the World Trade Center site, where the twin towers fell on September 11 nearly 10 years ago, hours after President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was killed.

US ramps up recovery help for tornado-hit South

2011-05-01 11:42:12

The US government ramped up efforts on Saturday to help thousands of homeless victims of the country's second deadliest recorded tornado outbreak.

Over 350 killed, thousands homeless in deadly US tornadoes

2011-05-01 11:20:51

The death toll from the second deadliest US tornado outbreak on record rose above 350 on Saturday as thousands of stunned survivors camped out in the shattered shells of their homes or moved into shelters or with friends.

Preparing for US Pole Dance Championships in NYC

2011-04-30 15:18:51

Competitors run through their routines before the start of the US Pole Dance Championships in New York City April 29, 2011. Participants were judged on a self-choreographed routine that included compulsory stunts.

Twister outbreak, 2nd-deadliest in US history

2011-04-30 17:06:16

Southerners found their emergency safety net shredded Friday.

Tornado-hit town faces humanitarian crisis

2011-04-30 17:01:16

The mayor of the worst hit town during a deadly tornado in Southern United States said Friday his town is facing a "humanitarian crisis".