Shriver files for divorce from Schwarzenegger

2011-07-02 08:05:34

Six weeks after Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he had fathered a child out of wedlock, his wife Maria Shriver filed divorce papers Friday to end their marriage of 25 years.

July 4 fireworks banned for fear of wildfires

2011-07-02 08:17:23

From Arizona to Florida, there will be fewer oohs and aahs at the rockets' red glare this Fourth of July: Many cities and counties across the nation's drought-stricken southern tier are banning fireworks because of the risk of wildfires

US will maintain leadership in space exploration:NASA chief

2011-07-02 07:34:58

The Atlantis mission that will be launched by NASA on July 8 will not be an end to the space age, as some media suggest.

Myspace is your space, says Murdoch to Timberlake

2011-07-01 08:09:23

News Corp has sold Myspace for $35 million, a fraction of what it paid for the once-hot social media site even as a new generation of Web-based start-ups is enjoying sky-high valuations.

US seals up 2 nuclear weapons reactors

2011-06-30 22:55:39

The US Department of Energy has sealed off access to two reactors at a former nuclear weapons plant near the South Carolina-Georgia border.

Mickey needs a time out

2011-06-29 09:41:26

James Miller takes a break from posing as mickey mouse for tips from tourists in an alcove away from the crowds along the strip, saturday, June 25, 2011, in Las Vegas. The number of celebrity impersonators crowding the Las Vegas strip has grown in recent months, in part because the stalled economy has left many actors and performers in california and las vegas without a job.

US pediatrician group urges ban on junk food ads

2011-06-28 11:08:32

US pediatricians want to ban junk food ads aimed at children, saying that they conspire with sedentary activities like watching television and playing video games to make kids fat.

Gay marriages to start in New York on July 25

2011-06-28 09:41:05

Gay couples will be able to marry in New York state from July 25, and New York City hopes to woo them with an 'NYC I DO' campaign as officials prepare for an expected deluge of weddings.

Gay marriage foes appeal ruling on gay US judge

2011-06-28 09:36:39

Supporters of California's gay marriage ban are appealing a ruling that a US judge's own gay relationship was no basis for tossing out his decision in support of same-sex marriage.

Billy the Kid photograph sells for more than $2m

2011-06-27 07:58:52

What is believed to be the only surviving authenticated portrait of Billy the Kid went up for auction in Denver on Saturday and sold for $2.3 million.

Fans mourn Jackson, two years on

2011-06-27 07:58:52

Michael Jackson fans paid their respects on Saturday to the late King of Pop on the second anniversary of his shock death.

New York legalizes gay marriage

2011-06-27 07:58:52

With a police raid in the early hours of June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan became the birthplace of the gay and lesbian rights movement in the United States.