Hwang re-examines American dream

2011-04-01 11:27:49

David Henry Hwang has devoted much of his career to writing about Chinese and Asian American experiences in the US

Hawaii's primary schools to get Chinese classes

2011-04-01 11:27:49

Hawaii's Confucius Institute is planning to introduce Chinese language courses to four primary schools in the state this fall.

Fewer US women dying of lung cancer -study

2011-04-01 09:58:34

Lung cancer death rates among women in the United States fell for the first time in four decades, trailing a similar decline in men that started a decade ago

Obese man cut out of US home, dies

2011-04-01 09:40:28

Media reports say a morbidly obese man who hadn't moved from his recliner in two years and had to be cut out of his home when he fell ill has died.

Severe weather hits Florida

2011-04-01 07:47:56

Severe weather moves in over the vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida March 31, 2011.

More US states use familial DNA as forensic tool

2011-03-31 10:18:09

A powerful forensic search tool known as familial DNA is gaining clout for its ability to identify suspects when all else fails.

First Mercury images in orbit show lots of craters

2011-03-31 08:05:32

Think the moon has many craters? New photos from the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury show the tiny inner planet has far more impressive battle scars from regular high-speed peltings by space rocks.

Whale that killed trainer returns to SeaWorld show

2011-03-31 08:08:00

The killer whale that drowned a trainer last year at SeaWorld in Orlando resumed performing Wednesday for the first time since the woman's death.

Wal-Mart sex-bias case hits possible court block

2011-03-30 11:21:24

The Supreme Court appears ready to block a massive sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart on behalf of up to 1.6 million women, and that could make it harder for other workers nationwide to bring class-action claims against large employers.

Elizabeth Taylor letters reveal her love at age 17

2011-03-30 07:45:41

In newly revealed love letters, a 17-year-old Elizabeth Taylor shared her dreams with her fiance before later agonizing about returning an engagement ring when the relationship soured.

Largest quilt exhibition in NY

2011-03-28 09:32:30

People view the "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts" exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, March 25, 2011. There are 650 red and white American textiles making it the largest quilt exhibition ever presented under one roof in New York.

US study ranks walnuts as most healthy nuts

2011-03-28 10:23:59

Walnuts have a combination of more healthful antioxidants and higher quality antioxidants than any other nut, US researchers have found.