Coverup attempt in fatal accident

2013-01-11 08:07:28

Mine owners tried to cover up an accident that left four people dead and five injured, a local work safety watchdog confirmed on Thursday.

Armed response

2013-01-11 08:07:28

The suspect in a hostage incident (center, with face covered) is taken away by a group of plainclothes police officers in Fengtai district, Beijing, on Thursday, following the release of the hostage.

Official suspended after 2 tragedies

2013-01-10 07:13:49

A senior official in charge of education and sport in Guangshan county, Henan province, has been suspended from his post.

Chipping away at the cold

2013-01-10 07:13:49

An electrical worker scrapes ice off power lines in a remote mountainous area in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on Wednesday. Regional meteorological authorities have issued a warning on an upcoming cold front.

Cool biker

2013-01-09 08:05:21

A sculptor from the Amur Oblast region of Russia carves an ice sculpture of a motorcyclist in the Harbin International Ice Sculpture Competition in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Tuesday.

China to register all clergy members

2013-01-09 08:05:21

China's religious affairs authorities will register all clergy members by the end of the year, in a move to help the public identify fake religious staff members.

Chinese fleet patrols islands

2013-01-08 07:53:43

A fleet of four Chinese marine surveillance ships continued to patrol territorial waters off China's Diaoyu Islands on Monday, according to a statement from the State Oceanic Administration.

Chilling out

2013-01-08 07:53:43

Frost forms on the branches of a tree in Jilin city, Jilin province, on Monday.

Xi urges Party to uphold socialism

2013-01-07 07:41:06

Xi Jinping, the new leader of the ruling Communist Party of China, on Saturday urged continued efforts to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics while warning Party members of potential dangers and risks.

Looking for work

2013-01-07 07:41:06

Students scheduled to graduate this year look for employment opportunities at a job fair at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on Sunday.

Condolences sent to Cote d'Ivoire

2013-01-04 08:12:12

President Hu Jintao has expressed his "sympathy and compassion" to his Cote d'Ivoire counterpart, Alassane Ouattara, after a stampede left 63 people dead and 50 others injured on New Year's Eve.

Every dog has its day for dinner

2013-01-02 01:31:49

Serving their pets with specially made food is an increasingly popular trend among young owners.