Chinese billionaire's song for the poor

2011-09-26 15:21:25

Chen, from East China's Jiangsu province, announced during his solo concert that he was giving away 1,000 goats, 2,000 pigs and 113 farming machines to local financially strapped families in Bijie, Guizhou.

Celebrating 60 years of UIBE

2011-09-26 11:11:38

Gao Zhong, chairman of China Clean Water Alliances, chats with students at the University of International Business and Economics, which marked its 60th anniversary on Sunday.

Briefly Sept 26, 2011

2011-09-26 08:53:03

A total of 82 Party officials have been held for criminal responsibility for wrongdoing in the rebuilding of quake-ravaged areas in Southwest China, according to an exhibition by anti-corruption authorities in Beijing.

22% of middle school students try smoking

2011-09-23 14:08:23

According to a recent survey, 22.5 percent of middle school students have tried smoking, the Beijing News reported Friday.

Cyclists bare bodies for green cause

2011-09-23 07:58:42

To embrace World Car Free Day, young people in Shanghai bared their hearts and bodies on Saturday.

Dry lake woes for migrant bird

2011-09-22 11:03:56

Poyang Lake - China's largest freshwater lake - is experiencing severe drought conditions.

Briefly Sept 22, 2011

2011-09-22 08:12:30

Beijing's urban planning authority released the route maps for two new subway lines and two extensions on Tuesday.

A special age devoted to special needs

2011-09-21 11:09:33

Xu Qianqian, 25, in class at Shenmu Special Education school in Shenmu county, Shaanxi province on Sept 20, 2011.

Consumers doubt drink safety

2011-09-21 08:37:31

Only one in five Chinese consumers trusts the quality of bottled beverages and others cite illegal additives as their major concern, according to the results of a survey released on Tuesday.

China's flying medics take to the skies

2011-09-20 11:48:36

Carried by the Chinese Navy hospital ship "Peace Ark", it's the first time the air ambulance helicopter has taken to the skies over the Pacific Ocean.

Taking Chinese culture to the world

2011-09-20 08:27:35

Confucius Institutes not only teach language but also provide a clearer view of the emerging nation

Beijing to build city's tallest building

2011-09-19 22:35:43

A groundbreaking ceremony for a new skyscraper took place in Beijing's central business district (CBD) on Monday, marking the beginning of construction on what will eventually be the city's tallest skyscraper.