DIY villager discovers preserved body in tomb

2011-09-05 07:56:03

A tomb built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was accidentally discovered and a man's body unearthed in a village in Guangfeng county, Jiangxi province.

Blackmailer jailed after posting nude photos

2011-09-05 07:56:03

A jilted boyfriend has been sentenced to two years in prison in Beijing for attempting to blackmail his ex-lover's father.

Highway closed after sink holes appear

2011-09-04 21:57:49

A large hole emerged on a slope in Luxi county, Jiangxi province on Saturday, and a highway near the county was closed, Xiaoxiang Morning Post reports on Sunday.

27 students, teacher get infectious disease in lab

2011-09-04 19:19:45

The heads of a university department have been removed from their positions due to a group of staff and students being infected by a serious disease through the department's lab.

China deploys large fishing patrol to Xisha Islands

2011-09-02 18:15:53

China Yuzheng 306, a large fishery administration ship which is the first to set sail for a permanent deployment in the waters around the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, leaves a South Chinese port on Friday.

Oh! My God, I am in China

2011-09-02 16:35:04

After spending many good years in Singapore, two years back I got an opportunity to come to China.Leaving the answer for future to unleash, I wholeheartedly started the preparation to come to China.

Parents dubious about integrity textbook

2011-09-02 16:32:46

Integrity Education Reading, incorporated with negative taking bribe case, arouses conserns

Beijing to push sedan toll at traffic hotspots

2011-09-02 13:11:42

Sedan drivers in Beijing may be forced to pay a toll for driving on the heavy-traffic roads as the capital vows to make public transport 50 percent of the total traffic by 2015, reported on Friday.

Drunk drivers in Guangdong put their jobs in danger

2011-09-02 11:39:42

Drivers caught driving while drunk in South China's Guangdong province will suffer severer consequences, even losing their jobs.

Mothers time their caesareans for school opening

2011-09-01 13:17:54

Anxious mothers-to-be asking for caesareans crowded a maternity hospital in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province starting in late August, as they want their children to start school earlier, the Yangtze Evening News reported.

Police investigate bombing in ancient Qin tomb

2011-09-01 12:01:07

A bombed-out hole measuring up to 19 meters was found in the No.6 tomb of Qin state in June in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, but the treasures remain intact, reported on Thursday.

Foreign ministry to hold daily news conferences

2011-09-01 10:25:14

Starting Sep1, China's foreign ministry will hold five regular press conferences each week, up from the twice-a-week tradition that has been followed for the last 16 years.