Male parts female roles

2011-10-26 07:56:31

Yang Lei's thick eyebrows belie his smooth jaw till the Peking Opera performer reveals he shaves before applying makeup, to make sure there is no stubble. After all, stubble just won't do when the 33-year-old goes on stage dressed in dazzling costumes and sings a soprano aria.

Village theatre boom brightens up winter

2011-10-24 11:20:52

A villager turned artist performs Ping Opera with the Xicheng Art Theater in Xian county, North China’s Hebei province on Oct 22, 2011, where 133 village theaters have been established The county’s Rural Artists Association has strived to set up more local performances by organizing and training rural amateur artists since 2010.

Girl watches man kill her parents

2011-10-24 08:13:48

A 7-year-old girl in Liquan county, Shaanxi province, hid under a quilt in bed and watched as a man killed her parents.

Cat show attracts visitors in Wuhan

2011-10-23 15:58:48

A Persian cat stretches its paw through the cage bars at a cat exhibition in Wuhan, Hubei province, October 22, 2011.A large number of visitors crowded the show, local media said.[Photo/Agencies] 

Foreign pavilions at Shanghai Expo demolished

2011-10-20 15:20:44

All foreign pavilions in Zone B of the expo site have been demolished, paving the way for construction of headquarters for centrally-administrated stated-owned enterprises.

Panda cubs sunbathe in SW China

2011-10-19 16:59:56

Panda cubs bask in the sun at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Oct 18, 2011.

China Shanghai Internationla Arts Festival opens

2011-10-19 09:06:24

13th China Shanghai Internationla Arts Festival opened on Oct 18, 2011.

The perils of Poyang Lake strike again

2011-10-18 17:02:20

The water levels of Poyang Lake now stand at 10.13 meters, which signifies the drought-plagued lake has entered the dry season half a month earlier than previous years. It is the third time this year the lake has run dry.

Yao Ming joins China's 1st A380 maiden voyage

2011-10-17 14:51:00

Chin's A380 had its first maiden flight from Beijing to Guangzhou on Oct 17, 2011. It is the first of five A380 jets that China Southern Airline ordered from Airbus.

Herdsmen direct horses through the grasslands

2011-10-14 09:01:47

Herdsmen direct horses through the grasslands in Yili, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region October 12, 2011.

Vengeful villager stones elderly enemy to death

2011-10-14 07:54:39

An 86-year-old man in Kazuo county, Liaoning province, killed his neighbor over something that happened 61 years ago because he said he wanted to get revenge before his death.

Migrant workers find jobs as thieves in the big city

2011-10-14 07:54:39

More than 100 people from a village in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have been imprisoned for robbery.