Student sends teacher SMS threat for higher grade

2011-08-01 18:14:04

A teacher in a key university has contacted police after receiving threatening text messages from a student demanding higher grades, China Youth Daily reported Monday.

How China changed my life

2011-08-01 12:11:26

It was 2005 and I was planning a fun and scary summer in Beijing. What happened that summer can only be described as the best and most strange phase in my life.

Jet fuel price to be adjusted every month

2011-08-01 11:46:34

China will adjust the price of jet fuel every month to better reflect movements in global oil prices, the country’s top economic planner National Development and Reform Commission announced on Monday.

Lonely island's guardian for 25 years

2011-07-31 22:39:40

With no fresh water or electricity, a couple has been keeping guard on an barren island off Lianyungang, a coastal city in East China’s Jiangsu province, for 25 years, Nanjing-based Yangtse Evening Post reported on Sunday.

CBRC: Banking can withstand property price down

2011-07-29 21:01:27

The banking industry will not be affected even if Chinese real estate property prices drop 50 percent lower,

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