Guangdong drafts rules to use helicopters for patients

2012-04-13 08:05:03

Guangdong province is drafting detailed regulations for using helicopters to rescue patients in critical condition.

Fugitive gets life in prison for death in hit-and-run

2012-04-13 08:05:03

After 10 years on the run, a fugitive was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday in Beijing, due to a death he caused in a callous hit-and-run.

Pens with fading ink increasingly used in fraud

2012-04-13 08:05:03

It would be wise to carry your own pen when asking people to sign important documents in the future.

Web celebrities barred from television shows

2012-04-12 08:04:00

Web celebrities and people known to be involved in scandals are not allowed to be guests on TV shows.

Girls' playtime ends in deadly tragedy

2012-04-12 08:04:00

Two 9-year-old girls died after being trapped in a box while playing hide-and-seek.

$63,500 monthly mobile bill rings false

2012-04-12 08:04:00

A man who racked up 400,000 yuan ($63,500) in mobile phone charges in one month has won compensation from a shop that installed malicious software on his phone to raise revenue.

Author doesn't let disability stop her

2012-04-06 08:02:21

A young woman with cerebral palsy is making a name for herself as an author and poet - writing with her jaw and nose.

Man killed himself with poisoned dart

2012-04-06 08:02:21

A man in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, killed himself with a poisoned dart he had made to steal dogs from villagers.

China Scene: West

2012-04-06 08:02:21

Emergency landing made to help woman

Student offers to work for father's treatment

2012-03-29 20:38:02

A post-graduate student at Henan Normal University in Xinxiang, Henan province, is looking for a company or a philanthropist willing to pay for her father's medical treatment.

Woman wastes 98 tons of water flushing toilet

2012-03-27 21:07:45

A 68-year-old rural woman who went to the city for the first time in her life wasted 98 tons of water over two months by flushing the toilet in her son's home.

Four songs and a funeral

2012-03-27 16:35:47

A grieving daughter paid a 1,000 yuan bill after a band, unknown to the family, played four songs at her mother's funeral and she was too embarrassed to stop the music.