Being a culinary show judge has its ups and downs

2012-09-24 21:25:15

Being a judge for a reality cooking show broadcast on CCTV-2 has its pros and cons.

Maritime patrol vessel returns

2012-09-21 08:00:44

Haixun 31, a maritime patrol vessel of the Maritime Safety Administration, returned to Zhuhai, Guangdong province, on Thursday from the United States.

Small girl visits the big city

2012-09-21 08:00:44

Lei Fangjing, a 3-year-old from a poor family in the quake-hit Yiliang county, Yunan province, receives treatment for hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, at the Peking University People Hospital on Wednesday. The toddler, who shyly hid under a table as her photo was taken, is on her first visit to Beijing.

Fast and furious

2012-09-20 07:50:22

A horse trainer works with a Ningqiang pony at a breeding center in Ningqiang county, Shaanxi province, on Tuesday. The Ningqiang pony is a rare and endangered breed that is said to have been brought from Qinghai by the Qiang ethnic group in China.

Helicopter firm set up in Jingdezhen

2012-09-20 07:50:22

A State-owned helicopter investment firm has been registered in Jiangxi province, in a bid to grab a share of the country's growing civil helicopter market.

Energy industry expo opens

2012-09-17 07:52:14

The Fourth China (Taiyuan) International Energy Industry Expo kicked off on Sunday in Taiyuan, Shanxi province.

Raring to go

2012-09-17 07:52:14

After being moored for three-and-a-half months due to the annual fishing ban on the East China Sea, nearly 2,000 boats are ready to go on Sunday noon, at Shipu Fishing Port in Zhejiang province, one of the six major fishing ports in China.

Mental-health drug body established

2012-09-14 08:04:43

An academic research body on psychotropic drugs has been established at the Shanghai Mental Health Center to promote the development and innovation of psychotropic drugs in China.

'Brother encouragement'

2012-09-14 08:04:43

Ruan Fuliang (center) shares a moment in his dorm room on Wednesday with two colleagues after his first day at the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Ruan, 18, who is only 1.1 meters tall, had renal necrosis when he was 6. Netizens call him "Brother Encouragement" due to his courage in the face of adversity.

City think tank to recruit foreigners

2012-09-12 07:50:52

Beijing will recruit five foreigners to serve as part of the city government's think tank.

HK Legislative Council election complete

2012-09-10 08:05:52

The fifth Hong Kong Legislative Council Election started at 7:30 am on Sunday, closing at 10:30 pm.

Country approves 25 subway projects

2012-09-07 08:05:18

China's top economic planning agency has approved 25 urban rail projects that could be worth more than 800 billion yuan ($126.98 billion).