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Tea growers pick spring tea in Sichuan

2014-02-25 10:41:48
Tea growers select spring tea at a tea producing base in Yibin city, southwest China's Sichuan province, Feb 19, 2014. Tea gardens in Yibin started picking spring tea in recent days.

An ode to good food

2014-02-23 15:02:43
Fresh flavors and artful kitchen skills combine to make the food of the Yangtze region a universal favorite even among Chinese gourmets stubbornly faithful to their home cuisines.

Cellophane noodles in Anhui province

2014-02-19 09:13:08
Hongshufensi is a kind of cellophane vermicelli made from sweet potato starch.

Traditional Suomian in Zhejiang province

2014-02-18 14:45:12
A villager lines up Suomian, traditional stretched noodles, in Shuguang village in Dongyang city, east China's Zhejiang province.

Wuhan noodles seek intangible status

2014-02-11 08:31:39

Tea with bear essentials

2014-02-09 08:40:13
I once watched one of my colleagues spread strawberry jam on an almond scone, joking she was enjoying the afternoon tea as an aristocratic lifestyle, as my mouth watered.

Evening's entertainment suited foreigners to a tea

2014-02-09 08:38:58
Thailand's ambassador to China, Wiboon Khusakul, will probably look under the table carefully the next few times he sits down to dinner.

Mango Tree branches out

2014-02-09 08:38:39
A Thai restaurateur with Cantonese roots aspires to transplant his fare in China as his brand's international expansion bears fruit.

Shell out for crab in San Francisco

2014-02-06 12:10:54
Crab and San Francisco go together like sour and dough, and you can find it here in just about every incarnation from basic cracked and steamed to meticulously plated in the mode of haute cuisine.

Crazy about hotpot

2014-02-05 11:46:26
It's a cuisine popular all over China, but Chongqing businessman Nie Ganru loves hotpot more than most.

Crowds pack historic Taipei New Year market

2014-01-28 10:26:09
Every year, for the one month leading up to the Chinese New Year, the 550 meter Dihua Street in Taipei becomes the place to be.

Festive dishes around town

2014-01-26 07:32:04
Family favorites

Festivities in Shanghai

2014-01-25 11:37:51
Individuals are benefiting from the frugality campaign aimed at government officials, as major Shanghai hotels offer affordable Lunar New Year menus.

Eat healthy, eat fresh

2014-01-25 08:07:21
No one understands what's in and what's passe better than chefs. Often, they subtly nudge diners toward certain ingredients or food styles, and they are the ones who guard the health and happiness of those who eat out.

Tasty treats for Chinese New Year

2014-01-24 16:06:31
Beijing's festive culture will be on display this holiday week. Ye Jun samples the celebratory cuisines.

Special Spring Festival menu

2014-01-24 12:56:10
Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. The festival could also be one of the greatest culinary events on the planet.

Safe and sweet

2014-01-24 07:34:04
When Mao Chen first read the story of how two children ate magic marshmallows made of clouds and flew to deliver dinner for their father on a rainy day, the idea of linking sweets and fairy tales became an inspiration.

Spring Festival dishes

2014-01-22 14:42:09
As one of the most important aspects of the Spring Festival, food is essential to a healthy, happy new year in Chinese tradition.

Eating Chaozhou in Shenzhen

2014-01-19 10:56:39
Immigrant cities have the good fortune to enjoy diverse cuisines that arrive with their guest workers, and Shenzhen is no different.

Cafe Deco remains a favorite, despite the naysayers

2014-01-18 08:01:03
Authentic cuisine is a hot topic lately, and with good reason. Foodies don't want "Chinese versions" of pizza and pasta when the real thing made by Italian chefs is so readily available.