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Hengshan hideaway

2013-03-31 08:22:20
The magnolias are magnificent. In the bright sunshine of the Shanghai spring, the soft pink and white blooms dazzled the eyes as they commanded pride of place within the central atrium garden of the new Twelve at Hengshan hotel.

Food that dances on the tongue

2013-03-31 08:22:20
It would be easy to dismiss Greyhound Cafe as amusing but mildly pretentious, a place where beautiful people come to nibble at dishes that are just as glamorous.

Nobu's Bento Box

2013-03-31 07:39:59
One of the best-known signatures of Nobu Matsuhisa is the lunchtime bento box that is served in every one of his restaurants. In Beijing, it is the restaurant's best sellers. It is also Nobu's cooking style neatly encapsulated in five lacquer-box compartments.

Botany on the table

2013-03-31 07:39:59
Spanish chef Rodrigo de la Calle says when people pass a florist's shop, they would be thinking of a bouquet for their beloved, but for him, he would be pondering how many of the flowers and leaves in there he could include in a dish.

Chic & easy

2013-03-25 09:39:20
Papi dishes up authentic Italian fare in a smart and casual environment perfect for date night or family dinners.


2013-03-24 07:58:56
Xinjishi, the old brand-name restaurant that serves classic Shanghai cuisine at the city's hot spot Xintiandi, is still as much a crowd favorite as ever.

Oysters make spring sing for diners

2013-03-24 07:58:56
It is spring, and time to give yourself a boost of energy. That's why Grange Grill at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang offers a special oyster menu for the months of March and April, according to executive chef Liu Wei.

Chic & easy

2013-03-24 07:58:56
Papi dishes up authentic Italian fare in a smart and casual environment perfect for date night or family dinners. Rebecca Lo takes a taste of la dolce vita.

Starbucks upbeat about China

2013-03-22 09:03:02
Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz said China has the potential to become the company's top market, highlighting the coffee house giant's confidence in the Asia-Pacific market.

Korean Food Festival in Beijing

2013-03-20 11:10:35
A Korean food festival is currently underway in Beijing and will run through March 30 at Café Noir, located in the first floor of Traders Upper East Hotel.

Farmers grow organic watermelons to order

2013-03-20 11:05:36
Some Shanghai locals have been so worried about food safety that they are ordering organic watermelons, while some experts warn that the food is not necessarily risk-free.

Recycled water flows to south Beijing

2013-03-20 11:05:36
The quality of water supply in southern Beijing has been improving in recent years, an official said.

Cheap chopsticks may be toxic, expert says

2013-03-20 07:15:17
Sales of portable utensils surge online as health concerns rise

Nurturing honest food

2013-03-18 09:12:41
Organic, healthy and sustainable are the new keywords for a breed of socially conscious consumers and producers in China.

Trending: CSA China

2013-03-18 09:12:41
Steffanie Scott, a Canadian scholar who has been observing community-supported agriculture in China and Canada for years, shared her observations.

Stop when you're hungry

2013-03-16 08:04:46
Parkview Green offers some tasty stops when you are tired from shopping, Ye Jun reports.

Mixing it up at Zajia Lab

2013-03-12 09:23:08
One night a documentary about atomic-bomb survivors.

Hokkaido, next door

2013-03-11 09:45:47
One of the hottest dining spots among Beijing's young executives these days is an unassuming eatery tucked away in a side street off the Third Ring Road.

Smart preparation keeps beef grill's prices low

2013-03-07 09:07:01
Many Chinese know Kobe for its great beef. It is said that Kobe cows are raised in luxury.

Keep a kitchen diary and prevent waste

2013-03-06 09:07:39
All of us should keep a kitchen diary, showing how much food leaves our home uneaten, as garbage.